Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ed Stelmach Government Still Big Spenders

Yesterday Finance Minister Ted Morton tabled the 2010 budget in the Alberta Legislature. With the economy suffering, a record deficit, the PC's plummeting in the polls, you would have thought Premier Ed and company would have seen the light and gotten their act together. Not so!

The big spending continues. Yes there were some cuts but they should have been deeper and more broad and there should have been tax cuts too. It has been the case before when a government cuts spending and cuts taxes together the economy prospers. Yes, our most vulnerable should be supported. Sadly too many people want their entitlements but at the same time complain that the government is spending too much. Go figure!

There was no real plan to get us out the dark hole as the author of this column in the Calgary Herald states.

The tabling of Tuesday's provincial budget was surprising on a number of fronts.

It had been rumoured to be a slash-and-burn budget -- one that was meant to demonstrate the government's commitment to fiscal responsibility, but the opposite turned out to be the case.


  1. Eddy cannot stop, because he is a liberal. Soon Albertan's will take care of that.

  2. At least alberta has billions of dollars in heritage fund to even clean up the deficit but Morton would not do so. He just want Albertans to realize that it cost money for everytime people scream for something and the unions demand for money.
    True, lowering taxes is a good way for businesses before we lose them and of course there are other areas where the STALMACH government can fix properly like the health care.

    Dalton has nothing in the 'Heritage fund'.

    frmgrl, just keep praying so that we can be out of this mess as quickly as possible. Recovery is harder on businesses; give it time and we are back to where we were.

    Did you see the conservative strategist on Solomon show. well, he laid it thick about alberta and her economy and what she has contributed to this nation and in return recieves very little.

  3. I heard Ted speak after he became Finance Minister and he said enough of the right words to give me a glimmer of hope. Yesterday changed that.

    Is it possible to fire the bums without and election? I hate to think what our finances are going to look like by the time Danielle takes over.

  4. "Is it possible to fire the bums without and election? I hate to think what our finances are going to look like by the time Danielle takes over."

    I hear ya,Joe. I totally agree. When Danielle does take over and they see the books, I think we're going to be astonished how bad it really is.


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