Thursday, February 4, 2010

Elite Count Mr. Iffy Out of Touch Again

Mr. Iffy is supposed to be worldly? Was his father not a diplomat? Is he not supposd to have international experience? Who's advising this clown? Jack Layton? One of his rabid feminazis?
National Post editorial today has a very good take on Mr. Iffy's latest out of touch policy on abortion.

Mr. Ignatieff is staking out an absolutist pro-abortion ideology beyond any taken previously by his party. Even most pro-choice advocates stop short of casually lumping abortion in as just another uncontroversial “contraceptive method,” as Mr. Ignatieff appears to have done.

What’s worse, Mr. Ignatieff insists that the government hard-wire this view into its foreign aid initiatives, such as Mr. Harper’s recent proposal for G8 countries to increase support for health programs for women and children in the poorest countries. Would an Ignatieff government cancel aid to those countries which, for religious or cultural reasons, are opposed to abortion? Will Canadian social assistance to Afghanistan or Gaza be withheld until women there can prove they’ve adopted fashionable Liberal attitudes on the question of when life begins?

Mr. Ignatieff’s supporters commonly point to his international experience as proof of his qualifications to lead, while deriding Mr. Harper’s supposedly more limited world view. Yet it is the Liberal leader whose provincial attitude suggests he is out of place in a world of diplomacy and foreign affairs. He appears not to have grasped that Canada can’t simply dictate Rosedale values to people living in Ramallah.

Mr. Ignatieff has misjudged Canadians if he mistakes Ottawa’s inability to formulate a national abortion policy as proof the question is settled, or that Canadian views would reside easily in the more extreme reaches of the pro-choice camp. He needs to clarify his views, and the position of his party, rather than using an emotional issue in a crass attempt to score points against the government. (h/t) National Post


  1. Ignatieff is having problems but not this kid,he is proud too display.... sorry to interrupt for a second but read this especially the part I placed in brackets.

    National Post
    Posted: February 03, 2010, 7:31 PM by Scott Maniquet
    Quarterback throws to convictions with Super Bowl anti-abortion ad By Charles Lewis,
    Here is a piece from the story:

    The film created no controversy because no one in America would be surprised that a clean-cut Christian kid could be a star football player, especially in the U.S. South. And for those who followed him in college, it was clear Mr. Tebow was a Christian who wore his faith for all to see: (During games he would paint the name of a New Testament passage underneath his eyes.)

    Frmgrl, have the photo of this young man and what's written will bring tears to your eyes.

  2. Jen, I thank God that Tim Tebow and his mom has the courage to stand up for what they believe. How many of us would stand up like that? It truly is an inspirational story. I'm sure it will touch many peoples heart when they see the ad. Just hearing the story touches mine. God Bless the Tebows!

    Then you've got Mr. Iffy, sickening!

  3. I think this was a big blunder on Iggy's part.How big remains to be seen.For what it is worth I don't see alot of high profile Liberals bragging about Iggy's plan here.He has a lot to answerfor here.I doubt the questions will be bottled up forever.

  4. Just read the Tim Tebow story. Wow.

    Did God not honor his mom or what??

    When I consider my own spiritual drift, I realize it is because I choose to forget what He is like.

    It is good this story is told.

  5. What Iggy advisor thought this was a good idea?
    Probably the same one that thinks the government should be doing something to promote enviromentally biodegradable sex toys.

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you the busybody caucus of the liberal party.
    Next week something from the killjoy caucus (the nancyboys are there but its hard to see them standing behind the busybodies)


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