Thursday, February 4, 2010

Preston Manning Says Steady Eddy and the PCs on Shaky Ground

Preston Manning thinks the Alberta PC's are on "shaky ground." I think he's right. Premier Ed Stelmach's PC government has been floundering. With the spending like drunken sailors, and the changes in the royalty formula, we now have deficit. Albertans are looking for an alternative, a fiscally conservative party who will put our fiscal house in order and bring back "The Alberta Advantage." They're looking for a home they would feel comfortable in and it's not the David Swan Liberals or the Brian Mason NDs. That home is with Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Alliance.

The PCs have been in power since 1971. That's a very long time for one party to be in government.
It's time for a change. When Alberta makes changes, it's in a big way and I sense it's coming.

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CALGARY -- Canadian conservative icon Preston Manning says he's seeing trouble in the Tory heartland.

Mr. Manning says an aging Progressive Conservative government--along with health-care and economic woes -- have left Alberta in a volatile political state and the province's 39-year ruling Tory dynasty on shaky ground.

The founder of the former Reform party said this week that the challenges facing the Alberta government on health, energy and the economy, combined with a fresh face in Danielle Smith and her rising opposition party, the Wildrose Alliance, are producing political upheaval not seen in the province for decades.

"Alberta is in one of those transition times that it has periodically, where the governing party is challenged to reinvigorate itself from within and you've got a new group coming along challenging it," Mr. Manning said. (h/t) National Post

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