Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Foxnews Is Smokin`

Foxnews is crushing their competitors in the US cable news wars. This January was their best January ever and in a recent poll Fox was the most trusted source of news. Makes me pine for own Foxnews Canada. Bet if we had our own, it would demolish both CTV and CBC combined. I hope and pray one day we will get our own Fox. It would be a blessing to the country.

I can't stand our media anymore because of their blatant bias. I have opted for Foxnews. It's refreshing. They strive to give you the facts and they are pretty balanced. Many think they're in the tank for the Republicans but I've noticed them giving it to both sides. Their reporters and anchors are mature and professional where as a majority in our media are childish and amateur in comparison.
Fox News was the number one cable news network in all categories in January, and posted big numbers during coverage of the Massachusetts Senate election, the State of the Union, and the earthquake in Haiti. This was the best January in the network's history and continued the channel's dominance over its competitors.

FNC was up double digits compared to January of '09, the only network to post any year-to-year gains. Here are the averages:

Total day (Mon-Sun): 1.325M total viewers / 367k A25-54
Prime (Mon-Sun): 2.413M total viewers / 637k A25-54

Year-to-year, FNC's total day is up +16% in total viewers (+28% demo) and its primetime is up +22% in total viewers (51% demo).

For primetime, Fox was the #3 network in basic cable (behind USA and ESPN) and bested CNN, MSNBC, and HLN combined in both total viewers and the demo.

"The O'Reilly Factor" continues as the number one cable news program averaging 3.8 million total viewers and 983k in the demo, which are gains of 23% and 58% year-over-year. Sean Hannity had his best month since going solo on his show.

Some of FNC's highest-rated programs saw large growth, especially in the demo, compared to last January. "Hannity" is up +21% in total viewers (+50% demo), "On the Record" is up +40% (+74%) and "Glenn Beck" is up +90% (+121%) compared to last January. "The FOX Report" and "Special Report" marked 100 consecutive months as the top programs in their time slots. "Your World" had its best month since 2005.

FNC programs again filled the top 13 slots among cable news programs in total viewers, but they also swept the top 13 in the demo, the first time that's happened in five years (h/t)mediabistro.com


Fox News had its best January in the history of the network, and was the only cable news network to grow year-to-year.

FNC also had the top 13 programs on cable news in total viewers for the fifth month in a row, and the top 13 programs in the A25-54 demographic for the first time in more than five years.

• FNC grew in double digits in both total viewers and the A25-54 demographic from January 2009. In prime time, it was up 22% in total viewers and 51% in the demo. CNN was down 34% and 37% and MSNBC down 26% and 38%. In total day, FNC was up 16% and 28%. CNN was down 34% and 41% and MSNBC down 28% and 39%. Last January all networks performed while with the Inauguration coverage. This month, the big political event was Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts, which FNC dominated in the ratings.

Special Report with Bret Baier/Brit Hume was #1 for the 100th consecutive month.

Fox Report #1 for 100th consecutive month.

Sean Hannity had his best month ever (since it launched as Hannity). (h/t) mediaite.com

Bring on our own Foxnews or something similiar. We are greatly lacking and I believe there's a market for something like it. I would support it.
We're a country that supports choice right? Well, then, why not choice in the type of news services? Fair and balanced? or blatant bias, your choice.

Update: (h/t) Jen

Glenn Beck points out how his program out rates his competitors on the cable news networks and how others can skew things. Watch.


  1. frmgrl, show this to the public if not the graph which Glenn Beck points too. seeing is believing.

    Glenn Beck Show - February 2, 2010 - Pt 4 of 7


  2. Yes, Jen. I forgot about that. I think I will post that video. It did point that out exactly.

  3. I fully agree. It would be a salving balm to have Foxcanada here.
    Thanks for your hard work and enlightened news.

  4. frmgrl, I enjoyed Glenn Beck yesterday you notice how he sympathizes the left wing media, well, I add on to his comments "same here Glenn same here out national media has reached..beneath the earth pile; it is so tasty there that they can't resist coming out".
    No, frankly frmgrl, Glenn does speak for us in many ways. I sometime feel that hears us.

    The canadian nation media and the american lefties in the media like to 'brag how bad they are while he and FOX brag how good they are pertaining to the news.

  5. Anony, thank you. It's pleasure to share the way I feel about certain issues find with everyone.

  6. Jen, I feel exactly the way you do. Glenn does reach out to us.

  7. Whoever builds a newscenter like FOX and have people like Glenn O'Reilley, etc, to actually do a proper job. To explain the liberals stituation starting way back when.... explaining to canadians who first started the national deficit, how much money the liberals took from the nation for themselves and their mess on the EI and so on. Will, without a doubt generate millions of dollars and their ratings will go off the roof. they will become millionaires overnight.
    Unfortunately, for some reason or another there is a 'hold' on the national media to report negative on the Conservatives. A hold, you can smell conspiracy between the libs and the coalition.
    No wonder we turn to Glenn, O'REILEY on FOX, they are not afraid it is there country too frmgrl and whatever happens to the United States will happen to the FOX people as well.

    Apparently in canada, the national media thinks that whatever happens to Canada in the hands of the coalition will not affect the national media but only you me and the other little guy who is a liberal voter. They actually have that kind of mentality.

  8. I wouldn't evan care if it was FoxCanada, just some non-biased truth. Even our National Post sometimes spins out of control.

  9. Exactly! Anonymous, however, the NP has been more imformative than the others. Stewart Bell, a reporter for the NP has written articles that will send chills up and down your spin. Articles which the national media would not dare discuss-afraid too.

  10. Don Martin from the NP tends to go way over the top lots of times IMHO when criticizing the Harper government.

  11. My Christmas wish is that the government will sell off the CBC channels and assets to FoxCanada!

  12. Don Martin goes where the waters are calm anything rough gets an earphone from him yet when those same 'rough' water are calm he retracks the same articles as though he has to sets of the same arcticles one negative one positive.
    How can Don write an excellent article on the PM then turn around to browbeat him on the same issue the next time.
    Like I said, one negative and one positive of the same article.

  13. Great Post!!! I keep Fox news on and only check Internet for news on Canada.
    CBC and CTV news net are all about Ontario with the odd bashing of the west thrown in for good measure. They are itching to criticize BC about the Olympics!!!

  14. CBC and CTV news net are all about Ontario with the odd bashing of the west thrown in for good measure. They are itching to criticize BC about the Olympics!!!

    Really?, Fay.

    CBC CTV want to 'divide and conquer'.

    They want to divide this nation between east and central canada where they have conquered the public to their(media's) will from Western Canada.

    The plot thickens

  15. At times we wish that we paid the four bucks a month to receive Fox News but what holds me back is that I don't want to simply feed my own existing prejudices on issues. I already know I'm conservative but I don't want to adopt by rote, the talking points of influential pundits.

    In our home we talk often that there needs to be a real centre right TV channel in Canada.

    CTV News is driving us crazy. I simply cannot watch Craig and Jane even one more time ever. Power Play is so zesty fun with their "no Conservatives would come on the program today...". I wonder evangelically why Tommo? You know Tom needs to know that most Conservatives don't even go to damned Church let alone being worried about evangelicos. They exist in every party folks.

    Global with Kevin, after initial promise, has slickly devolved into a clone, only slightly more watchable than the other two networks. If they could turn it into a National Post TV version of the NP circa 2005, then I think Global News would bloom.

    When one starts to think that maybe it's back to the future and maybe just maybe CBC will have to be the default news source again, but hey thankfully it won't happen, we do have the web.

    Tory TV Canada has a nice ring but really we'd just appreciate a strong, balanced, investigative hard driving news channel. We want it. We can take it. We need it.


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