Thursday, February 11, 2010

PM Says, Don`t Feel Ashamed To Show Your Patriotism

PM Harper gave a tremendous speech in the BC Legislature yesterday. He talked about how we shouldn`t be afraid to show our patriotism. It`s OK to chest thump. We do live in an amazing country so why not express it.

Go Canada! Wave your flags! Feel the pride! Canada National Flag

Watch it below or here complete with the responses from Premier Gordon Campbell and Opposition Leader Carol James.





  1. No doubt this speech has Jim Travers wetting his Liberal red diapies big time.

    Open displays of patriotism?

    Oh, woe is me! How un-Canadian can he get!!!


  2. I have my Canada car flags waving as I drive through Vancouver. I am also sure to wear a "C for Canada" sweater and hat everywhere I go. Why not show these thousands of people visiting our country from around the world that we love where we live?

  3. Way to go Iceman! I have toque from the '88 Calgary games I've been wearing the last couple of weeks. Gonna try and get some gear this weekend. Let's all go all out during these games.


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