Friday, February 12, 2010

Quebec's Hypocrisy Regarding the Oilsands

What is it with Quebec? It seems they want it both ways. They attack us big bad Albertans for our evil, evil "Tarsands". Now the Quebec government is encouraging businesses to capitalize on our "big bad dirty oil." They want their businesses to invest in our "Tarsands." Go figure!

In a speech at the University of Ottawa last week, Gilles Duceppe cited climate change policies as another reason that Quebec would be better off as a separate country. For that reason alone, federalists should keep a close eye on what’s actually going on in the distinct society.

This morning, Le Devoir reports that Jean Charest’s government has invited Quebec business people to “seize the opportunities” in the oil sands as part of a subsidized trade mission to Edmonton, from March 22-25.

Meanwhile, La Presse is reporting that Ontario’s Minister Sandra Pupatello says that Quebec’s tailpipe emissions standards are a complete waste of time as the province only represents 4 per cent of the North America market and will have to adjust its standards when continent-wide standards are put in place.

And the New York Times reports that, because of economic concerns, Arizona has pulled out of the Western Climate Initiative, of which Quebec is a member, which is supposed to inaugurate a cap-and-trade program in 2012. (h/t) Norman Spector


  1. No hypocrisy
    Quebec want's AB's cash
    they will push for capandtrade and invest to make the oilsands grow so you have to buy more credits of the green Qc Gov.

    if the left get their way this could be huge for Qc.

  2. Would Albertans (and sympathetic other Canadians elsewhere) simply refusing to buy anything made in Québec or by a Québec-owned firm perhaps make the point to M. Charest to "sit down and be quiet"?

    No more Saputo dairy — buy another brand. No Lactantia. No Vachon cakes.

    No flying on Air Canada, shipping on the CNR, or other "national" organizations that choose to make Montréal home.

    People constantly say "boycott Israel" or "boycott China" ... perhaps it might make a difference.

  3. No Seadoos, Try Yamaha.
    No Skidoos, Try Polaris
    No Johnson Outboard Motors, Try Mercury
    No Quebec Syrup, Try Vermont.

    I'm and ex Quebecer. I left when the FLQ Terrorist killed.

    I have no money for Quebec.

  4. Charest have to remember that when dealing with the 'bread and butter' which feeds his province to always remember that Albertans are bounded with pride for their country and province Alberta. No messing around with our 'oilsands' or he will be gone in a flash.

    frmgrl, what you will hear is what Charest will never take away from us.

  5. frmgrl, please read celestral junk blog regarding to the oilsands which many american businesses are putting pressure on SHELL and other major oil companies that are here.

    frmgrl, we, albertan are the first to impliment a environment plan for the oilsands.
    Not united states, or eastern or central canada but alberta, and what gets me dam angry is to see your fellow man criticizing and harming the very survival to our economy.
    Instead of feeling proud.
    All this hate for alberta is simply because the prime minister lives here.
    I have never seen such hate in my lifetime to go to any length to destroy this country.
    I urge you to read it. thanks.


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