Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Science Is Not Settled

Remember not long ago when alarmists like Al Gore, David Suzuki, Lizzy Mayall said "the science is settled?"
Well it's not settled. Even Phil Jones, the former head of CRU is admitting that it's not settled.

"Prof. Jones even admitted the science of climate change is far from settled. “There is still much that needs to be undertaken to reduce uncertainties.”

Nothing scientific had changed since the Climategate leaks. No new data or discoveries have been added that would make the former CRU director change his tone so dramatically. So his new willingness to concede doubt must be solely the result of the embarrassing leaks last November."(h/t)Lorne Gunter

The whole global warming scam is falling apart. I think the public is starting to get it. Thank God for that! Now how to get our politicians at all levels of government to wake up and smell the coffee and STOP ramming "Green Initiatives" down our throats.


  1. I agree. Good post. But, it is still too soon for the Conservatives to start bucking the trend. Too many Canadians still don't know or understand. When bloggers condemn Jim Prentice, they are showing they don't understand how politics works. He does NOTHING or says NOTHING without the PM's approval. When he starts to waver, it has started but not until then. So, we have to trust the PM to know the right timing. Too soon, and the media and opposition will trash them.

    We have to be patient.

  2. "The whole global warming scam is falling apart. I think the public is starting to get it."

    Not really. Outside the "blogosphere" Canadians are abysmally ignorant of the recent revelations concerning Hadley,NASA, etc., and most still buy the line that Climate Change is an emergency,though somewhat less an emergency than it was six months ago when the MSM was helping to whip up hysteria for the Copenhagen conference.

    Check the editorial pages of your local newspapers, the Hadley scandal is never mentioned.

    Listen to your politicians,Prentice and Harper speak as if they've never heard of Hadley or Phil Jones. The government has to be lobbied vigorously and reminded that they will NOT be getting our support unless they publicly acknowledge the scandal that Climate Change has become.

    Write your MP, and Minister Jim Prentice. Keep up the pressure,this battle is far from over and we could still LOSE!

    Remember, billions of dollars are at stake,and that's just the tax money.


  3. I get such a laugh from all the NDPer's that drank the cool-Ade and turned off their brain to just spew that same tripe about the "Science is settled".
    The biggest farce is when Maralyn Cherley sit at the Michael Coren Live round table and mocks the spektics as Deniers,she cites Al Gore,Mr.Bugman Suzuki,Liz May,Naomi Klien,Polar bear,and bad weather as Proof for the Global Warming.
    But don't tell the people in PA who just have almost 40.0" of Global Warming in the form of snow. And don't tell the 9 Mexican's that died from a record low temperature since 150 years ago.
    John Moore still clings to the Hollywood elite that must be telling the truth because there has never ever been a Movie that had any lies in it.


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