Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feminazi Wants PM to Kill Babies

In speaking about the Prime Minister's maternal health initiative, feminazi, Joyce Arthur, of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada thinks Stephen Harper has it wrong and Mr. Iffy has it right. She's on the same page as Mr. Iffy in advocating the Harper include abortion as part of the initiative.

A bewildering firestorm of media controversy has erupted over Michael Ignatieff's strong and principled statements about women's reproductive rights overseas. The Liberal Opposition Leader has been urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper not to exclude abortion and contraception from his surprising plan to become a champion of maternal and child health in developing countries.

Of course, Ignatieff is a politician, and bringing up abortion is no doubt a political strategy in part — but it's also the absolutely right thing for him to do. It is impossible to tackle maternal health without addressing unsafe abortion, which is a leading cause of maternal death in most developing countries.

Given the critical importance of legal safe abortion in saving women's lives, and the Conservative Party's well-known anti-choice stance, Ignatieff would have been remiss not to make it a burning issue. The majority of women in Canada are pro-choice, and we [the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada] are surprised, pleased, and hopeful to see Ignatieff stand up to defend the rights of poor women in other countries.

Conservative politicians and commentators have heaped scorn on Ignatieff's concerns, however, and condemned him for turning women's health into a "political football." But most of the politicking is actually coming from Ignatieff's critics, who have launched attacks without the benefit of any facts, and even less compassion for women. Some of the coverage is so shockingly ignorant that it qualifies as being misogynist. Please, if we are going to have this discussion — and we should — please, let's pay attention to some key facts: (h/t) Straight

Does she not understand that some countries in the world do not accept abortions? Does she not understand that the PM's plan is about providing basic needs such as clean water, nutritious food, vaccinations etc.?
This about the lives of moms and kids, making sure they have a happy, healthy chance at a long life. It's about preserving lives not eliminating them.


  1. When you choose the words "kill babies" you are ostrisizing Conservatives from any woman who has ever had an abortion. This is not constructive.

  2. Iceman, that is exactly what an abortion is. It's the killing of a human life.

  3. I am with you frmgrl, that is exactly what it is, and I don't really care whose feelings that hurts.

  4. So this is another recent addition to the hard-left express of the liberal party.
    So far Iggy has Rabagliati(sp?) and now this advocate of the concept that abortions will make women wealthy.
    And all Dion had to contend with was Lizzie May. Bet they miss ol' Stephane now.

  5. joyce, go make me a sandwich.

  6. Arthur is "surprised, pleased, and hopeful to see Ignatieff stand up to defend the rights of poor women in other countries." (aka abortion)
    One gets the distinct impression from this, and in fact from all of Arthur's writings, that she believes we should in fact, "celebrate abortion" and will not stop her lobbying until all Canadians celebrate with her.


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