Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stephen Harper, Canada's Thomas Jefferson?

In today's National Post, John Ivison writes that PM Stephen Harper, regarding what could be this PM's legacy, a keen passion for exercising and developing our sovereignty in the North, may end up becoming our Thomas Jefferson.

"People close to him point to his fixation on the Arctic and suggest he sees this as being his signature legacy project.

The Prime Minister has broken with years of benign neglect of the Arctic and
appears to believe history will judge him more kindly for having invested dollars and political capital in the region."

"Stephen Harper may yet prove to be Canada's Thomas Jefferson, the president who doubled the size of the United States with the Louisiana Purchase and sent Lewis and Clark off in search of a route to the Pacific. At the very least, Mr. Harper has put God's frozen people in the North back on the political map." (h/t) John Ivison


  1. frmgrl, this 'daylight' website offers tons of photos. read this:
    Stephen Harper shoots and scores on NBC


    then frmgrl take a look at the right hand side, there you will find numerous of photos: one of them is with the HAITIAN president,the PM surrounded by our troops. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks,Jen. I sure will go and check it out.

  3. If one single member of this current batch of Liberals ever becomes the PM of this country, Prime Minister Harper will be remembered for far more than the enchanting North.
    This country would be BEGGING for his calm sensible approach.

    Ignatieff's profound and oh so obvious lack of expertise is starting to spook me and I seriously hope Canadians start to pay attention to the mannequin nature of his leadership. He hasn't a clue and it's not getting better.
    That Liberals are satisfied with him, AS IS, speaks to their arrogant notion of a 3 city control VS and entire country.

    I wonder too why Canadians don't look at the chronically successful Provinces and observe how they vote and for who.

  4. Frmgrl: Here is an open letter from Ignatieff to the Prime Minister on what the PM should do: Doesn't this fill you with a sense of awe.

    Read more....

    This is from Kelly McParland National post and his comments to above.
    Read on....

  5. Rich said...

    "Frmgrl: Here is an open letter from Ignatieff to the Prime Minister on what the PM should do: Doesn't this fill you with a sense of awe."

    Oh,yeah, I'm really awed!

  6. The Liberal PDF file must have been produced by a real klutz. It is 4MB and is a poor quality scan of a typed or printed document.

    Gawd ... have these Liberal geniuses never heard of a word processor !

  7. frmgrl, as long as Ivison, Gunther and other good reporter 'write on paper' and not seen on television that's fine for the national media.
    Naturally whatever the ivisons etc write will never be discussed on television either. As you well know, the same usual gang liberals are the only ones you will hear and see.
    Question is: what can the IVISONS, the Gunthers do to get their message out to the public when most of the public don't get the NATIONAL POST nor heard of it.

  8. Jen,that's why we need a Fox Canada so these decent journalists have more of a voice.


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