Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Canada Grows Up

Have we as a country grown up? Well Lorne Gunter thinks we might have.

" Will our success at the Winter Olympics cure us of our national inferiority complex? God, I hope so.


  1. How about the Prime Minister standing up and asking for a full debate on global warming.

  2. Our msm was astonished, absolutely blown away by our collective show of Canadian patriotism.
    The media don't know us, because they think 'they' (the media) are us.....
    now they know better.

    The media that does know us are the 'radio guys',
    because they talk to us and not just amongst themselves.

    Referendums, time to give Canadians a real voice.

  3. NeilD, I would love to see a debate on the global warming scam myself. I guess we just have to inundate our MP's offices demanding a debate.

  4. The GW fraud debate is unfolding beautifully on the international stage,
    why interrupt a good thing and give Lizzy May an opportunity to become relevent?
    To appease who? AntiGW extremists?

    The Opps would love another 'Copenhagen' on Canadian soil.
    How foolish that would be, eh.

  5. As that great philosopher Axl Rose wrote: "All we need is just a little patience"

    It is too soon, but the death of 1000 cuts continues almost daily on AGW and its related financial scams.


  6. The alleged Canadian "inferiority complex" exists only in the minds of the so-called intellectual elite of this Country who ARE inferior, and SHOULD have a complex.

    Canadian people outside academia and the MSM definitely DO NOT feel inferior to anyone else on the planet. For a good view of the alleged inferiority, go to the nearest Legion and talk to a few of the old War veterans still around,they'll quickly disabuse you of any ideas about Canadian inferiority.

    Growing up in the 50's and 60's, I was surrounded by the Greatest Generation, and never heard a word about any "inferiority", mainly due to the fact it didn't exist. I heard the opposite,every day.

    The BS about inferiority was a construct of the socialist intellectuals who saw themselves as less sophisticated than their peers in the U.S. and Europe, and they projected their feelings onto the general population.

    THEY had every right to this feeling. They were for the most part,second- raters, stuck in what THEY saw as a second rate society. Rather than putting any effort into investigating their Country and it's people, during which its strengths would have been obvious, they fell into the trap of philosophizing among themselves about our supposed shortcomings.

    We have been fed this BS for forty years, and no one ever questions WHO it is that's making this claim.

    Take a good look at the proponents of "Canadian inferiority", you'll find they have all the credibility of the AGW crowd. They sound good until you really look into their assertions.

    I am a Canadian, my family's been here for over three hundred years. We don't feel inferior to anyone.And it didn't take a hockey game to confirm our feelings.


  7. NeilD said...
    How about the Prime Minister standing up and asking for a full debate on global warming.

    NeilD, How about the liberals returning the millions of dollars and, how about a new media

  8. According to the Globe and Mail the BC Premier has blamed the mild weather during the Olympics on global warming and has called for an acceleration of his campaign against it.
    What does that mean????
    More carbon taxes????

    The time for action by our federal government is NOW before anymore harm is done to our beleaguered taxpayers by these misguided dictators.


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