Thursday, March 4, 2010

Could it be? A Foxnews North In the Future?

I don't want be presumptuous here but could we possibly be seeing a Foxnews Canada with the loosening of telecom rules as stated in the Throne Speech yesterday?

"In the aftermath of its controversial decision to allow Egyptian-backed Globalive Communications Corp. into the cellphone market, the federal government said Wednesday it is prepared to open its doors formally to foreign ownership in the $40-billion telecommunications sector and repeal what have been described as some of the most restrictive investment policies in the industrialized world

Ottawa reversed the decision with Mr. Clement saying the government differed with the CRTC in its interpretation of the telecom ownership rules, but adding its decision did not signal a change to the Telecommunications Act. In the Throne Speech, the government signalled it wants to avoid a repeat incident.

Industry sources indicate the Conservatives are likely to follow the recommendations in Lynton Wilson’s 2008 Competition Policy Review Panel and the 2006 Telecommunications Policy Review panel.

Those studies said Ottawa should first allow foreign investors to control a telecom business so long as its market share did not exceed 10%. Then, there should be another review of Canada’s telecom and broadcast policies to ensure further liberalization of ownership rules are “neutral” to both industries. The second phase was proposed to deal with concerns about telecom companies owning broadcasters, and potentially putting the cultural industry at risk." Vancouver Sun

A Foxnews Canada is greatly needed here. There is a vacuum of fair and balanced reporting that sure would be filled with such a network and I bet the ratings would go through the roof. So let's hope and pray something will be on the horizon. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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  1. I could not agree more.....but...a new news channel should be driven by Canadians,,,,fair,balanced and polite, eh ?


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