Sunday, March 21, 2010

D-Day For America-Re:Obamacare

This is the day American lawmakers vote on a Healthcare bill that will destroy their country.
The people don't want it, nearly half of the nation's doctors will quit if passed. Even President Obama's own cousin, a doctor is against it. See here at BLY. ClimbingoutoftheDark explains the whole thing nicely.

Phone lines have been jammed with constituents trying to contact their representives, urging them not to pass this bill. There have been rallies on Capital Hill and all over the country to oppose it. It will hurt business owners and employers.

Seems like the White House, the majority Democrat Senate and House leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid still want to ram it through anyway with no regards of who it would hurt or how much it would cost.

This sums it up quite accurately and nicely.

So I implore all those US lawmakers voting on this today,please vote no. Your republic is at stake. Don't go the way we have, you'll regret it. It eats up about 40% of our budgets, provincial and federal each year and will only get worse as time goes by. Government run socialized healthcare DOES NOT WORK!

I appeal to all of our Canadian lawmakers, it's time to reform our system as it's unsustainable and broken. Give us more freedom and choice. Allow us to make our own decisions when it comes to the most important aspect of our lives, the health of our families and ourselves.
Someone please with the guts speak out and at least start the conversation.


  1. Odumbo is sunk which ever way it goes. If it passes the dimocrats will be cooked in Nov and will turn on him like rabid rats. If it fails to pass he will look like the idiot he is and they will turn on him just the same, and the Reps will be laughing all the way to the election.

  2. One way or the other people are going to be upset. Obama really is in a no-win situation but he can blame himeself for it because he insisted on making Health care reform his signature issue.


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