Monday, March 22, 2010

Lib MP's Not Welcome

At least from their Great Anointed Leader Mr. Iffy, Michael Ignatieff. They have not been invited to attend the great Thinkers Conference this weekend. They have been told to stay home.
Mr. Iffy must think his caucus are not smart enough, not good enough to attend in this great event in the presence of great deep thinkers to think deep thoughts. What about the grassroot Liberals, where do they fit in? Do they get to have any input?

I know I wouldn't want to be part of a party that ignores the grassroots, keeps party MP's from an important event like this that is supposed to be developing policy to take the party into the next election and beyond.

Federal Liberals will set aside shallow politics later this week to engage in Deep Thinking as they ponder the prospect of Canada turning 150 in 2017 under what they hope will be Liberal rule.


  1. If the economic future of Canada is going to be coming from the West, as all the expert thinkers say,
    what could the Lib Party of Toronto add to the conversation?
    They hold only 8% of the seats west of the Ont/Man border.
    Obviously, their kind of thinkin' ain't working.

  2. maybe no-one wanted to go
    Iggy has few friends left

  3. The economic future of canada as you said Wilson, is in very good hands at present far less for the liberals to hold a conference of sorts when they themselves did a fine job during a time of booming economy raised taxes to cover up what they took from the nation.

    Therefore, whose economy are they more interested in: theirs or Canada's. my guess is theirs(liberals).

  4. Perhaps Iggy doesn't think any of his current MPs will still be in caucus in 2017?

  5. The_Iceman said...

    Perhaps Iggy doesn't think any of his current MPs will still be in caucus in 2017?

    Iggy won't be in caucus in 2017, never mind the rest of them.


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