Friday, March 5, 2010

Deja vu, Ground Hog Day?

Have we not seen this movie before? Liberals don't like budget but will support it. The Dippers and Bloc don't like it and will vote against it.
Is this not deja vu? Doesn't it feel like ground hog day? What has changed since the Dion days?

Compliments to CanadianSense

The Liberal Song by Rick Mercer.
Still relevant. h/t wilson


  1. I made a clip about the Groundhog Day Liberals as well.

    It is not good for our democracy when the opposition fail to act responsibly.

  2. Thanks Canadian Sense, I will post your video with your permission of course.

  3. And The Liberal Song brought to you by Rick Mercer, is once again, true to every word:
    (hilarious, I love this one)

  4. Feel free to post, link, edit any of the videos, it is pathetic how our MSM refuse to hold the opposition to the same standards.

    The opposition are refusing their duty to offer an alternative government for voters and seek a mandate through an election.

    They are demostrating an affront to our democracy.

  5. That song is still relevant. Thanks wilson for that reminder. lol


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