Friday, March 12, 2010

Does Mr. Iffy and the Liberals Have Any Original Ideas?

One wonders if Mr. Iffy and his party can actually come up with any real original ideas. For instance,you had Mr. Iffy proposing EI reform ideas that he adopted from the Dippers.

OTTAWA - Liberal and Bloc Quebecois MPs plan to unite this week behind a New Democratic Party bill aimed at increasing pressure on the government to standardize employment insurance eligibility across Canada.

The bill would set a single national EI eligibility rule of 360 hours of work -- a long-standing NDP proposal that Michael Ignatieff adopte afdter he was confirmed as Liberal leader last month and has cited as a potential summer election trigger.

Now, Stephen Taylor has discovered even the The Canada 150 thinkers conference is not really and original concept either. Notice on the Government of Canada website that Stephen has posted, the date is 2008 as highlighted in yellow. So take that for what's worth. I think Mr. Iffy came up with his Canada 150 concept later.

Andrew Steele,Globe and Mail Feb 20
talked about the Canada 150 public servants conference.
One is the Institute of Public Administration in Canada. IPAC is hosting a conference

March 11 and 12 that promises to help kick off the build up to Canada 150.

The Government of Canada is jumping on the bandwagon earlier this time. Wayne Wouters, the federal Clerk of the Privy Council, is encouraging public servants to take part in the conference.

Interestingly, the other organization promoting the possibility of Canada 150 is the Liberal Party of Canada.

The Liberals are using the impending sesquicentennial as an opportunity to set out long-term policy vision, without the shackles of present day trade-offs.

All Mr. Iffy does is think thoughts and dream dreams but yet finds it difficult to dream about Canada as John Ivison states.


  1. I am starting to suspect that there is some tension between Layton and Ignatieff. Jack's behavior has been particularly righteous the past two weeks.

  2. and something we Conservative grassroots already knew, and the media is catching up:

    Canadian values shifting to the right, poll suggests Conservatives now ‘own the centre,’ while the left ‘is a very lonely place to be’ in Canada, pollster says


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