Friday, March 12, 2010

Gibbs Finally Donns Team Canada Jersey

Took long enough! Kinda looks good on him though, don't you think?

Gibbs wears Canadian hockey jersey to pay off Olympic bet

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was a good sport today as he modeled a Team Canada hockey jersey at his briefing, paying off a bet placed on the Olympic gold medal hockey game last month.

"This does signal casual Friday at the White House," Gibbs joked, turning around to show his last name and the No. 39 on the back of the red-and-white jersey featuring an iconic maple leaf.

To recap the wager: Gibbs said he'd wear a Canadian jersey to a press briefing if the Canadians won and counterpart Dmitri Soudas, spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, would wear the U.S. jersey if the Americans won. Sadly, Team USA lost but the Americans did have an impressive, record-setting medal haul at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Gibbs said he wanted to wear the No. 39 in honor of Ryan Miller, the U.S. team goalie and Buffalo Sabres star who was named Most Valuable Player of the Tournament.

The surprise for the assembled reporters -- and those watching on cable and the Internet -- was when Gibbs took off his Canadian jersey to display a blue Team USA jersey hidden underneath. The U.S. jersey bore the number 10, which Gibbs said was in honor of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Gibbs took most of his questions today wearing the U.S. jersey.

By the way, Gibbs said President Obama will be paying off his own Olympic bet with Harper. One case each of Molson, Canada's favorite brew, and Yuengling, from America's oldest brewery in Pottsville, Pa., will be delivered to Harper. Gibbs, though, jokes that Soudas might be drinking the beer himself.

Still related to that wonderful gold medal game. Commentary around the world re Jarome Ignila and Sidney Crosby. Enjoy! BTW. The Iggy is not that Iggy, it's Jarome Iginla, Iggy.

Update: Go to Sandy's for the video clip of Mr. Gibbs. He really is a good sport!


  1. It truly was the goal heard around the world!

  2. Frmgrl -- You beat me to it. I just put up a very short post -- as I am supposed to be taking some time off (?) -- but will now add your link.

  3. Thanks, Sandy. I will add your link to mine too. Enjoy your time off! lol

  4. Yeah it took him a while but that jersey was obviously custom made so I think we should cut him a break here. ;)

  5. Joanne, I think you're exactly right.


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