Saturday, March 27, 2010

James Travers Laments His Precious Liberals

It seems James Travers is  frustrated that his Liberals just can't seem to make any headway into kicking those evil Conservative bums out.  Looks like he's pining for for good ole days when Liberals were in power stealing our money and taking us for fools.

 MONTREAL-A messiah complex haunts the federal Liberal party. Lost in the shadows of its giants, Liberals can't move beyond past successes to fix current failures or find their future.

A year ago, Liberals thought they saw in Michael Ignatieff some of the greatness of Wilfrid Laurier, Lester Pearson and, most hopefully, Pierre Trudeau. Now they are here this weekend, as well as at satellite meetings around the country, hoping that "thinkers" can deliver the substance and vision the party carelessly assumed the new leader was dragging home from away.
The Liberal problem is not that it's now a shell of the clever party Laurier, Pearson and Trudeau left behind. It's not even that the political machine that carried Jean Chrétien to three consecutive majorities is now a clunker. No, the party's problem is that it can't decide what it means to be progressive in the 21st century or remember how to win elections.

Boo Hoo Hoo!

"None of that softens the hard truth delivered unvarnished by a former Liberal cabinet minister: The Liberal brand is badly damaged and may not sustain another hit.
Sensing the dangers, Liberals are now looking for something to carry them through the next election while they wait for the next messiah. Instead, they should be searching their souls for who they are and what, if anything, they believe.

  Better do something quick!  The Conservatives just might become the Natural Governing Party! Wouldn't that be terrible?

  He seems almost afraid that the Libs are almost done for and won't be back in office for a long, long, long,time.
 Yes, James the world is going to come to an end if your precious Liberals are not returned to power soon.
Cry me a river!


  1. The last of the dinosaurs is sinking into the tarsands where years of rot and decay may resurrect them once again, but not too soon.
    A well deserved hiatus is in the making here and rightfully so.
    The left is a dying breed - say goodnight liberals. Amen!

  2. Travers always thought of himself as senate material, it doesn;t seem to working out to well for him!!

  3. Anonymous said...

    Travers always thought of himself as senate material, it doesn;t seem to working out to well for him!!

    Boy,ain't that the truth! Poor Jimmy,he's going to have go to that retirement home without having a stint in the Senate first.
    No wonder his seems so dejected since the Conservatives took office.

  4. I hate that term. Natural Governing Party. It attracts fops like Iggy and Dion. It encourages lazy government unafraid of its people. I see it less as the consistently obvious choice at election time and more an attitude of entitlement for the writ. Sad is the day that Conservatives think this way. It would mean the end of them.

  5. You got a point there Spin Assassin. Conservatives should avoid like the plague that sense and attitude of entitlement. They need to constantly conscientiously reign themselves in when that temptation arises. We as supporters need to keep them accountable and hold their feet to the fire.

  6. It seems to me that anytime Traverse writes anything critical of anyone, he elicits a lot of attention from the Blogging Tories. Personally I don't read his work. I get my online news from the National Post and sometimes the Globe. The Toronto Star does not exist in my Universe. My roomate one year had his father on the Star's editorial board. I saw behind the veil, and it was ugly.

    But I'm one of the 20 Canadians who watch CBC Newsworld, so who am I to judge?

  7. Iceman,I don't watch CBC Newsworld so there you go. You keep watching and updating us on what goes on with our taxpayer public network. OK?
    I usually don't read Travers either but this one in particular caught my eye. Chantal Hebert is alright once in awhile. Angelo Perchilli has written some common sense articles in recent months so those two from the Star I will read once in blue moon.

  8. Another thing Iceman. It's good to see that you came out of that one year living with the Star's editorial board member's kid in one piece. Was probably a good learning experience for you though.

  9. Wake up Travers, the party of ideas never had any ideas that didn't come from another party first.
    Now there they stand all naked in that truth.

    Their 'progessive' ideas came from the Dippers, their debt/deficit ideas came from the Reform, their green ideas came off Suzuki/Green Party websites.

    Iffy refusing to propose ONE SINGLE IDEA for the stimulus budget or recovery budget,
    and then just now, this week, 'working on' formulating a policy platform with
    'other peoples ideas'
    is the proof.

    Iffy in his pre-politician era, his 'ideas' were merely a collection of 'other peoples ideas' torn down and regurgitated.

  10. "... Sad is the day that Conservatives think this way. It would mean the end of them.."

    I totally agree with that. Best prevention is HONESTY. As long as the Party can be honest with Canadians we won't have another Adscam with brown paper bags.

    In the end what did in the PCs last time was Mulroney's 10,000 pairs of Gucci s :-)

    Michael St.Paul's

  11. I sounds like Travers is laying the ground work to abandon the current LPC leadership when Iggy fails to get a new platform ready, and starts calling for a leadership coup.
    All he needs is a plausible contender.

  12. The bottom line is this: if you are a political movement that buys people's votes with their own money then your days are numbered when the following happens; business, the public and the private purse is all tapped out. Furthermore, liberal morality has preyed on one basic principle: play people against each other in some kind of moral superiority game based on intellectually conflicting arguments and poorly tested theories constructed from a narrow range of ideals. Yes folks I summed up what is wrong with liberalism better than a room of Phd's and it only cost me 1 minute or less pounding on the keyboard. (real conservative)


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