Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Liberals How to Get Back Into Power Quick Conference

Former Liberal boss, admitted as much yesterday. That is the main objective of this so called "Thinkers Conference," how to get back into power as quickly as possible so we can get our sticky little fingers on taxpayer money again. Dream up all kinds of schemes like the Gun Registry, some kind of Adscam scheme, National Daycare program etc.

"Did they get the urgency of public investments in education? How will they react this morning if, as is likely, former Bank of Canada governor David Dodge tells them that higher taxes are needed?
Will Liberals understand that they are kidding themselves (and the country) if they think even half of their lofty policy ambitions can be realized without more public revenues, which means higher taxes? " Jeffery Simpson

"Chr├ętien said, "there were a lot of them (good ideas) but to make sure we win the next election, I think."

He added, "We can't re-invent the wheel," and that the 1991 conference was just a component of his success...and that the main thing is to do everything right."

If they want to do something right, they should apologize for stealing our money through Adscam and pay back the $40 million plus they owe us.

Don Martin I think sums it up real nicely.

"Liberals bring out the dead in search of new life"

"A gathering dominated by white-skinned, grey-haired Liberals, an audience along the lines of old Canadian Alliance conventions, is charged with forging policy for a Canada where visible minorities are about to become the majority.

And how can the conference juggle the challenge of retiring baby boomers about to crush the shoulders of the next generation when the advancing age of these attendees is the demographic problem and not the solution?

Perhaps one shouldn't be cynical. There are Big Brains here who, potentially, have enough IQ to think big outside of their age group or income bracket.

Still, I'd bet 90 per cent of those in this audience think a double-double is four shots of single malt Scotch and not a Tim Hortons coffee order. And that disconnect makes dreaming up big ideas for the average voters a huge challenge"

Don't you see? All they care about is getting back into power and their fingers into the public purse. Don't think voters are going buy it this time. I think the public is seeing the Liberals for what they are, their arrogance, the attitude of entitlement. They are power hungry, nothing more. They don't care about the country, they only care about themselves.

So promise all these big ticketed lofty programs without any thought how to pay for them in a time of growing deficit and debt in order to buy votes to gain power.
Then continue like they did before skimming off taxpayer money to do whatever with our money for themselves. Try to sow division within the CPC (which they tried to with the abortion issue last week and it backfired on them) to get back to the public purse.

Not going to work. This time the Conservatives are united, well funded, are although not perfect by any stretch, are doing a good job governing. They have taken us through a bad recession fairly well and now we are recovering nicely.

To top is off, Stephen Harper is no, Joe Clark, Robert Stanfield, Preston Manning or Stockwell Day (although I think Manning and Day unjustly got a bad rap from the Liberal war room and the media.) the whole hidden agenda, Bible thumping theocratic, Neanderthal image etc. is just old now and doesn't work anymore. Look what happened last week. Liberals defeated their own motion requiring the government to include abortions for the enhancement of Mothers and children's health program in the developing world in the up and coming G8 and G20 summits. I wouldn't be surprised if they try and dredge the abortion issue up again in the next campaign.

I know, this is the time of year we think about a resurrection but it's not the resurrection of the Liberal party even though they think of themselves as our Lord and Saviour.


  1. I've figured this out finally, the liberals cannot change what they are, that is why the strong distaste for them doing what everyone else expects them to do: clean up their act. It is above them, so that is why all the smoke and mirrors to try and confuse people. (real conservative)

  2. Obviously, they still don't get it and probably never will. I know I'm not alone when I hear "Liberal", what comes to mind is money stolen from taxpayers, and senior Liberals saying, in veiled terms, "it was our right and privilege to do that, we don't care what you think." These a**holes are still senior Liberal party members.

  3. Don't forget the NDP and the BLOC. these two signed an agreement with the liberals instigated by Chretien and Broadbent-COALITION.
    Which means whatever the liberals thinkers think at the Conference have to have something for their coalition friends.

    Bottom line is the liberals and their media are done like dinner; they now belong to the NDP and the BLOC.

  4. I agree RC, they can not and/or refuse to change.
    At Liblogs, it looks like a refusal to change (due to the heavy Dipper infestation) , at the top it looks like an impossibility due to the old white guys running the show.


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