Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, Oh, Libs Not Gonna Be Happy About This

This latest news on the economy is not going to go over very well with the Libs. What are they going to do? They were counting on the economy worsening as a catalyst to get back into power.

Maybe that's why they're resorting to faux scandals, and smears in hopes something will stick to those evil Conservatives and then Canadians will fall in love with the Libs again. I think they're going to have a harder time endearing themselves to the voters than they think.

Expect more and more of the made up scandals and smear to come as they and their cheerleader MSM get more and more desperate.

"A string of stronger-than-expected reports are prompting some economists to revisit their forecasts for the strength of the recovery Some are now pencilling in higher forecasts after recent reports showed strength in manufacturing and wholesale trade, while retail sales continue to climb.

Bank of Montreal for example, boosted its forecast for Canada's first-quarter gross domestic product by a full percentage point, to 4.7 per cent from its earlier expectation of 3.7 per cent. It now believes the economy will grow 3.2 per cent this year, rather than the 3 per cent it had previously predicted." Globe and Mail

Further proof Canada is in good hands with PM Harper and his government.


  1. A Full sustaiend Canadian economic recovery is the Liberals worst nightmare.

    They have so much smear and contempt invested in Canadaian economic ruin that they were actually hoping for and cheering when Canadians lost thier jobs so that they could damage the government.

    For Liberals Economic recovery Bad, Canadian Job loses and misery good!

  2. Good news Frmgrl! Thanks for the post!

  3. Kevin Page will have to re-calculate his "structural deficit" equation because they rely on pessimistic GDP growth.

  4. Hinchey's Store, we don't hear enough good news in the MSM. It's mostly all negative so I felt I should share this.

  5. It just makes this Harper supporter very happy.

    Always nice to have good news first thing in the morning.


  6. frmgrl, I can't see going to the election on frivolous nonsense when the economy is doing just fine.
    We should be proud of our country and what the world has to say about our economy. the BLOC on the other hand wants us to 'follow' Europe.


    Read this piece from Ann Coulter:

    Backed by the mainstream media, liberals have turned political correctness into a weapon that attempts to silence people with opposing views, Coulter said. Liberal pundits suggest Obama’s race helped him win the election, but conservatives cannot do the same, she said.

    Feminists blame the Conservatives for an array of ills, but turned suddenly silent when former U.S. president Bill Clinton had sex with an intern, she said.


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