Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stelmach Government to Fight Back

It's about time. The Stelmach government is about to launch a campaign to fight back at the propaganda that has demonized the oilsands. Energy Minister Ron Liepert pointed that out at a luncheon.
Alberta Energy Minister Ron Leipert has told a Calgary Chamber of Commerce luncheon, the province will roll out a number of information campaigns to fight what he calls propaganda about Alberta's oilsands.

Money will be spent to fight "well funded" international environmental groups who are against the oilsands.

Leipert says people living in Ontario and Quebec need to be informed of the amount of business those provinces' manufacturing sectors receive from our energy industry.

"There is not a lot of product that goes into the construction of the oilsands that comes from Alberta. A lot of it is manufactured in Ontario and Quebec" said Liepert.

He adds the campaigns will also teach students in Alberta about the role the oilsands play in our province.
What I say to the Premier and the Energy Minister is what took ya so long?

PremierEd, you need to call Premier Charest out. He personally attacked our oilsands last December at Copenhagen saying Alberta is the problem, the "dirty tarsands" are the problem. We're evil. Charest touts their hydro-electricity in Quebec as being clean. Well maybe not.

Hydropower Doesn't Count as Clean Energy

Hydro-Qu├ębec, the world's biggest producer of hydropower, claims that "compared with other generating options, hydropower emits very little greenhouse gas," thus "contributing significantly to the fight against climate change."
Maybe not. Recent reports on methane emissions suggest that dams are anything but carbon-neutral. According to recently published estimates from Ivan Lima and some of his colleagues at Brazil's National Institute for Space Research, the world's 52,000 largest dams release 104 million metric tons of methane annually. If Lima's calculations are correct, then dams would account for about four percent of the total warming impact of human activities -- and would constitute the largest single source of human-related methane emissions

So there you go. It seems Charest is a hypocrite for demonizing the oil sands when turns out his own hydro-power might not be so clean after all.

Why have we not heard a lot about this in the media? (I had to do some digging.) Oh,yea, it's not Alberta!

Also Premier Ed, tell Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and every other enviro-nazi club etc. to go fly a kite! Educate students on how they have been lied to by the likes of Al Gore and David Suzuki.

While your at it, grab the Euroweeines by the collar and set em straight. That OUR OILSANDS ARE CLEAN!

We Albertans will no longer stand back and allow ourselves to be beat up uninformed Gaia worshiping wingnuts!


  1. It might be an idea for a list of all the different jobs that Alberta's oilsands supports or creates in quebec (and Ontario) and do a media campaign. Then inform the clowns that we are willing to deal with anybody but quebec for these services. If this was to create a slowdown in production then the difference would be made up by shorting the pretro products going to quebec in order to supply faithful consumers.

  2. don't forget the British 'damming' movie on our oilands- a canadian actress Neve Campbell( A PARTY OF FIVE) is the narrator of the movie.


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