Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This is Harper's Fault

It's gotta be Harper's fault, the recovery is taking hold.

January wholesale trade leap confirms recovery

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian wholesale trade jumped by a much greater-than-expected 3.0 percent in January from December, providing more proof that the recovery is well underway, Statistics Canada data indicated on Wednesday.

The increase, the strongest since the 5.0 percent leap recorded in December 2006, was far larger than the 0.5 percent rise forecast by market operators. Statscan revised December's month-on-month growth to 0.9 percent from an initial 0.7 percent.

In terms of volume of sales, January wholesale trade was up 2.9 percent from December. All seven sectors posted advances.

The building materials sector advanced by 4.2 percent on the back of a 5.8 percent increase in housing starts in January from December. The government says it is closely watching the housing sector but has not seen any signs of a bubble so far.

The automotive products sector grew by 4.8 percent in January on a 6.1 percent rise in the sales of motor vehicles, while the machinery and electronic equipment sector was up by 2.6 percent. Wholesale inventories fell by 1.1 percent from December, the 11th consecutive monthly decline.

The TSX closed yesterday at an 18 month high.
S&P / TSX Composite Index.
The latest jobs report that was released last Friday stated a gain of 21,000 jobs. Unemployment rate went down slightly from 8.3 to 8.2 percent.

All good news for Canadians but not for Liberals. No wonder Mr. Iffy's Liberals were to scared to show up to vote on the budget. Instead just enough got the "flu" to avoid an election. Where is their alternative budget? Is not an official opposition and government in waiting supposed propose one? At least offer suggestions and amendments in which I gather they offered none.

They have nothing What would they going to run on, the economic recovery is starting to take hold? Jobs are being created and the unemployment rate is starting to go down?
Remember Mr. Iffy didn't want anything to do with the recession. He wanted PM Harper to "wear the recession." Well it seems Mr. Harper has worn it fairly well!

That's why the drive by smears and faux scandals from the opposition and their MSM.
The government is doing a pretty good job and that's all they have.

Guess it is all Harper's fault that Mr. Iffy and the Libs have to resort to these smear jobs to get any traction. Sad.


  1. Well, the never ending saga of smear campaigns is nothing new to the liberal party - They are the prevailing experts at that type of politics. What I am wondering about, is why most other people cannot recognize the situation for what it is? Can they be so blind, so as not to see the situation before their very eyes? Even I can appreciate and admit something when I am wrong, but I guess the lefty world doesn't operate that way. Constantly repeating a phrase tends to actually make you believe yourself. Yes/No? Some things never change. I digress.

  2. Fantastic post.
    Blame the Conservatives for anything bad that happens? Then 'blame' them for the good things too!

  3. That does not matter! He is a meanie, and a control freak!.

    Reality Check:

    err, hold on we in the opposition have a majority of MP's in the opposition seats,they can kick him out any time.

    Doh, hopefully the media won't catch on that he can't pass a single item of his "neo-con" agenda without one party's support.

  4. Wasn't Lizzy May who said once if you tell a big enough lie, often enough, people will believe you?

  5. Always remember this: the left buys votes, the right makes you pay for them. (real conservative)

  6. Anonymous said...

    Always remember this: the left buys votes, the right makes you pay for them. (real conservative)

    Ain't that the truth!

  7. ''...During an interview with Peter Mansbridge on the CBC on
    Oct. 7, 2008, prime minister Stephen Harper suggested that the sudden
    drop in equity prices represented a good chance for Canadians to buy stock at a discount...

    that spawned the Harperdex,
    which proves, had you taken his advice you would have been very very smart indeed!

    Invested $1000 now worth $1271,
    over $200 earned off investment!


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