Friday, April 23, 2010

Climategate, New Revelations, Connection to Marxism

Watch this video. Sean Hannity on his show last night had a guest on that has written a book that connects  the whole global warming scam  to Marxism and how politicians, elitists, and scientists created  a phony crisis.  He estimates Al Gore has made about $500 million so far and could end up making about $1billion when it's all over. The guest, Brian Sussman author of "Climategate" and meterologist calls Gore a "charlatan". He's right, Gore is a charlatan.
BTW, how much has David Suzuki made so far from this made up crisis?


  1. Why do you think we call them watermelons?
    We know it's Communism, world communism, New World Order.
    read agenda 21 from the club of Rome 1976 and you'll understand everything environmental since that date.

  2. David Suzuki has become wealthy, certainly much more so then if he accepted research positions in various universities out there. The ecobusiness is profitable even for communists. (real conservative)


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