Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lorne Gunter Says CBC Should be Pulled Down

See full size imageLorne Gunter says the CBC should be pulled down. I happen to agree. The sooner the better. It's spews nothing but leftist propaganda. It's main pollster Frank Graves,from Ekos has been outed for his Liberal bias. It costs the taxpayer a whopping $1.1billion a year. I'm sure most taxpayers want to see value for their tax dollars.  Pouring these kind of funds into CBC, the taxpayer is not getting value for the money. They don't speak for all Canadians in which as a public broadcaster, they are supposed to.  That money could be better spent like on our military for instance or just give it back in form of tax cuts.


  1. amen to this - the CBC has knowingly become a leftist cesspool of Harper-haters, and CPC bashers, and should be made to survive on its own - fair journalism demands no less

  2. The CBC is Canada's "national" disgrace. I am sick to death of it, and am frustrated that taxpayers pay for this Liberal free 10% er, day in and day out, at nausea.
    PMSH...make it a pay per view station for the LIBERAL party. Real Canadians are fed up with the propaganda.

  3. Hey all,

    I'm as right wing as the next reader, but I tend to disagree on abolishing the CBC. I spent some time in the Yukon/NWT & Northern BC a few years back, and CBC radio was a godsend. That said, I believe the CBC should have a series of reforms.

    The CBC should not be allowed to bid on hockey when the contract with the NHL comes up for renewal. I think it outrageous that a publicly funded broadcaster should use tax-dollars to outbid private broadcasters. CTV or Global would show NHL games, and the average Canadian wouldn't notice any difference. This would save tax-payers millions, and beggar the CBC when it comes to ad revenue.

    Furthermore, the CBC shouldn't be allowed to show reruns of the Simpsons, or other American sitcoms (Frasier, etc). I'd also tell them there is a two-decade moratorium on any more dramas about Trudeau, or any CBC employee --Suzuki, Don Cherry, etc. I would force them to broadcast the sort of material that is currently on the Knowledge Network, & PBS.

    I'd also fire every employee and offer them jobs as private contractors. A friend of mine is a reporter, and I was shocked to learn that CBC reporters, cameramen, etc, all make considerably more than their counterparts at CTV & Global.

    Finally, the CBC should be moved from Toronto to Manitoba --right smack in the middle of the country. Operating costs would be cheaper, and nothing would shake-up the culture at the CBC more.



  4. Since I don't watch hockey or the Dragon's Den the CBC has absolutely no value to me. I support PBS in the States because they offer some programs that are not totally leftist and their documentaries and science shows are not Davis Suzuki type rants about the environment. I also support them because, unlike the CBC, I am not forced to do so through my tax dollars.

  5. James, for whatever personal reasons, no one seems to be watching the CBC anymore. And the cost isn't worth it just so folks up north can get the signal, especially in this day and age of internet and satellite TV.

    I agree with the other commenters...abolish it or make it PPV.

  6. If you are going to whine about taxes, maybe understand the fiat money system we are involved in. I am sick of so called conservatives using the tax cost to justify not supporting a service or Crown corporation.

  7. Hey Anon@5:25, the whole damned point of this is, as Canadians, we chose a Conservative government- never mind the lefty spin. Harper is PM, that's the end of that argument. Why should our tax dollars go to the taxpayer-supported national broadcaster to keep saying, in a nutshell, "Liberals good.. Conservatives bad. The Libs lied and stole millions from us, and had the gall to suggest that stealing that money was their "entitlement." Our "right wing" government is paying these mouthpieces to badmouth our country with our tax dollars- and with the CBC and other lefty media spouting endlessly about Jaffer and Guergis, for example, while ignoring the issue of the Liberal judge sitting on an immigration board demanding sex for considerations,among other Lefty transgressions, it's high time for the CBC to collectively shut the f*** up, IMHO. And for the Lib Trolls out there, I don't care about you. Keep your poison spin to yourself. TGM

  8. I'm all for the CBC going frankly. The problem is that all the rest are leftists also. Getting rid of the CBC is only the start of fixing the problem if you ask me. (real conservative)

  9. When to start pitching the forkcliff. None will feel the pain they are ice cold.

  10. Eliminating the CBC will actually strengthen Canadian culture, since many studios and lots of technical staff will be available at low cost to local and regional broadcasters who do want to tell stories of interest to their neighbours!.


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