Monday, April 5, 2010

Deeply Troubling and Gravely Disturbing

That's what the Prime Minister's office is calling the pardon of ex-hockey coach Graham James and are demanding answers. James was convicted of sexually abusing young players when he was coaching junior hockey. Sheldon Kennedy former NHL star was abused by this creep. The latest accusation from another former NHL'er has come from Theoren Fleury which is being currently being investigated by the Winnipeg Police.

Graham James, the junior coach convicted of sexually abusing his players in a case that rocked the hockey world from house leagues to the NHL, has been pardoned by the National Parole Board, The Canadian Press has learned.

Though the pardon was granted three years ago, it comes to light only now as a result of a previously unknown accuser contacting Winnipeg police.
The Prime Minister's Office, notified of the pardon by The Canadian Press, called it a “deeply troubling and gravely disturbing” development that demands an explanation from the parole board.
Mr. James, now 58, pleaded guilty to sexual assault after two of his former teenaged players, including ex-NHL player Sheldon Kennedy, came forward with their stories of abuse at his hands from 1984 to 1995. In 1997, Mr. James was sentenced to three and a half years in prison.
His whereabouts is unknown.

The latest accuser, who says his encounter with Mr. James preceded Mr. Kennedy's by four years, is deciding whether to follow former NHL star Theoren Fleury in lodging a formal complaint with police.
Mr. Fleury's lawyer, Hersh Wolch, said Sunday that he had not heard about the pardon.
Winnipeg police have confirmed they're investigating Mr. Fleury's allegations, and Mr. Wolch said his client won't speak before that process is complete. “We're in the hands of the police right now and we should just wait for them.” Globe and Mail

I echo the same sentiments as the PMO in this case. IMHO, James should not have been pardoned especially when there are more allegations that have come forth.
I would like to know, has James been rehabilitated? Because in most cases rehabilitation of sex offenders does not work and they most often re-offend. Is he anywhere where he has access to young boys?

Eligibility for pardon should be extremely rare for these type of offenders. I wish the best for Sheldon Kennedy, Theoren Fleury and all those others he has abused over the years. I pray that the scars he has left these young men with, will be completely healed over time.

Lastly, how to those clowns at the Parole Board sleep at night when they pardon or parole creeps like James? Fire them all!


  1. Nothing upsets me more than pedophiles. They deserve the death penalty.

  2. On PP, Clark said the PMO (?) sent word that when PMSH re-appointed the head of the parol board in 2008, he was not aware of this 2007 decision.
    One can say with some certainty, had he known of the decision, the guy would not have bee re-appointed.

  3. Yep, it would be really interesting to know exactly who was behind this screwup. Let's see their reasoning behind this one.

  4. "One can say with some certainty, had he known of the decision, the guy would not have bee re-appointed."

    I agree, wilson. PM Harper would not have made that re-appointment had he known.


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