Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gilles Duceppe and the Bloc Whining Again

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Well, Gille Duceppe and the French Resistance are bawling and squalling again. What's there problem this time? They are not happy about new seat distribution that the Conservative government just introduced. There would be 30 new seats added bringing the total to 338 seats in the House of Commons. BC would get 7, Alberta 5 and Ontario 18. The Bloc says that the new seats are against Quebec. Cry me a river!

The Bloc Quebecois plans to vehemently oppose a government plan to add 30 new seats to the House of Commons -- none of which are slated for Quebec.
The proposed legislation, which was put before MPs on Thursday, would expand Parliament to 338 seats from the current number of 308.

The Bloc immediately pounced on the bill and said it was an attempt to kneecap their province's political clout.
"After recognizing the Quebec nation, the government is now invoking representation by population in order to reduce the political weight of Quebec," said Bloc MP Claude Debellefeuille in the House on Thursday.
Quebec currently has 24 per cent of the total seats in the House. Under the new guidelines, that representation would drop to 22 per cent.
Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe is currently preparing a cross-country tour in which he will build a case for Quebec's sovereignty. It's expected he could use the new House numbers to bolster his argument that Quebec is under attack.
However, CTV's Chief Political Correspondent Craig Oliver said the new seats simply reflect demographic shift
"Overall I think it's a pretty fair re-distribution," he said Thursday

Political battles
While the Bloc were the first to complain about the plan, the other major parties could also be impacted by the changes.
In particular, many of Ontario's 18 new seats will be placed in and around Toronto, making the area even more politically valuable for the major parties.
This could change the way parties campaign in future election contests.
"That's where the big battles will be," said Oliver.
He noted that many of the seats will come in ethnically diverse neighbourhoods around the Greater Toronto Area, which historically favoured the Liberals.
However, considering the inroads which the Tories have made into many ethnic communities, the Conservatives may also reap benefits.
"More and more, we're seeing that new Canadians tend to be more conservative than people used to think they were," noted Oliver. CTV

Gilles and the French Resistance should put a sock in it. They don't care about Canada. They are separatists hell bent on breaking up the country.

They're whining because they won't as much influence on Canada anymore and that makes them angry. . Less political influence from Quebec? Bring it on.

Now eliminate the $1.95 per vote party subsidies, that should do damage to the Bloc once and for all. I am sick and tired of Quebec's temper tantrums. They need to be treated like everyone else in confederation.
Hopefully if the seat distribution is approved by parliament, maybe the major parties won't have to pander to Quebec anymore to get votes. as they won't need those votes as quite as much and it will be easier for the two major parties to get majority governments. Depending on the boundaries, these new seats will probably favour the CPC more so than the Liberals.


  1. '...Canadians tend to be more conservative than people used to think they were...'

    Oh puleeeeese Craigy.
    Canadians have always leaned Conservative,
    the Conservatives were at fault for not being worthy of election.
    Divided and too Liberalite or too hard right.

    Chretien used his Red Book of Lies to get into government, and the divided right and weak Dippers kept him there.

    As soon as Stephen Harper united the right, Liberals were reduced to a minority, and then gone, along with Dion and next Iffy.

  2. Consider that the CPC just about won a majority with only 10 Quebec seats. If Danny hadn't whined so hard we might have done it without Quebec. So, add 30 new seats and Quebec becomes powerless. I love it! Let them whine all they want, Alberta has the population for at least 5 more MP's.

  3. Wilson, I totally agree with you. Canadians have always had conservative values. There are fewer people who embrace socialism than you think.
    I think it will be hard for the Liberals especially if they keep continuing to channel Trudeau with the nanny state social welfare programs to get back into office. They will see in time they will have to move to the right if they ever what a chance.

    BTW. Thank God that Stephen Harper was able to unite the right with the help of Peter Mackay. I don't think Peter gets the credit that he should. Thank God for Peter Mackay too.

  4. Without Stephen Harper and Peter Mackay, the right would not be united and we would still be under Liberal domination.

  5. Hunter don't forget, we came extremely close to defeating both Keith Martin and Ujjal Donsanj. Remember also, Dipper Linda Duncan, she won because Rahim Jaffer neglected that riding and she was able to rally the university students around her to vote. That will be easy to pick off. Good bye,Linda.
    Next go around we'll get IRuby Dhalla defeated too. If we work hard I think we'll get those seats and more.

  6. We are still more populated than Alberta and BC, some rep by pop.

    Between those 30 strategically placed seats, as well as taking out the 1.95$ per vote subsidy. Hmm, so you'd rather that Harpercons cheat to get their majority rather than winning it fair and square.

    If Canadians are that conservative as you think, then you shouldn't need to cheat and thus, should leave the per vote subsidy and especially, not add anymore seats.

    Besides, don't you cons prefer smaller government anyway? I mean, 30 more MPs with gold plated pensions and 6 figure salaries??

  7. CK,the population has grown in BC, Alberta and in Ontario in the last few years. The population needs proper representation, that's why the increase in seats so constituents are better looked after. Do you object to that?
    Per Vote subsidy, why should I have to contribute to parties I don't agree with their ideologies? It's forced contributions and should be done away with. Besides why should the ROC fund a party whose main objective is to break up the country and don't run candidates in all ridings in the country?

  8. It's been 15 years since Chretien came within a hair of breaking up Canada, but won the fight against the seppies.

    It's 1 1/2 years since Ducey and Chretien sat at the negotiating table, conniving together to steal the government from the newly elected Conservatives.
    Stunning eh.

    Ducey is out of gas. (so are the Liberals)
    Are we paying for Ducey's cross country tour?
    Of course we are.
    Is he hoping for some protests, so he can say 'see' we don't belong in Canada?

    It won't happen, because he is no Ann Coulter.

  9. It's 1 1/2 years since Ducey and Chretien sat at the negotiating table, conniving together to steal the government from the newly elected Conservatives.
    Stunning eh.

    Sure is!
    Are we paying for Ducey's cross country tour?
    Of course we are

    You bet your sweet bippy we are, who else? They don't have any money other than from ROC.

  10. If the ROC would wake up and vote quebec out of confederation our main problem would cease to exist. That way quebec can become wonderful, and profitable, and a true world leader, and blah blah blah. This will never happen because the people of quebec have become accustomed to the free ride they have been on for a couple of generations.

    Rob C

  11. If I don't like TV program I switch channels; if I don't like a movie,I leave.
    There's your answer Gilles: just get up and go and take all your whining friends with you.


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