Friday, April 2, 2010

OOPs, Liberals Have Been Found Out Too!

All week the Liberals have been calling for Helena Guergis's head on a platter.  It was found out that staff members of hers were caught in a letter writing campaign to praise Helena after she had a bad time since the airport temper tantrum episode.
It appears Liberals have been involved in the same sort shenanigans. 
 I don't condone what Helena's staff did, I think what her staff members have done is just plain wrong so are the Liberal staffers too.  No party should be doing this sort of stuff. If its wrong for Conservatives, it's wrong for Liberals as well.  There should be no double standard. in the behavior of MPs or their staff in any party. When they engage in this  that is unbecoming, they are all equally guilty.

OTTAWA — Helena Guergis is not the only politician to be praised in letters to the editor by her own staff members masquerading as ordinary Canadians.
Indeed, as reported during the 2005 federal election, Liberal Party operatives, mainly from the youth wing, initiated a letter-writing campaign to media outlets across the country praising Paul Martin’s national child-care proposal and bashing Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
One of the many letters was reportedly written by a former speech writer for Jean Chretien and another by a once national director of the Young Liberals.
In those instances none of the authors identified their ties to the party.

Oh and not to leave the Dippers out we find this gem thanks to BC Blue
and Small Dead Animals
 NDP MP Pat Martin's assistant, Ellen Ocran was involved in leading the protest  at the UofO last week against Anne Coulter.   Where oh where are you Bob Fife and Terry Mileskwi on this one? Oh ya, right,  this one doesn't involve Conservative staff.  Another example of a double standard.

 Hypocrites, all of them!  You know what they say.  "Those Who Live In Glass Houses"


  1. I can't believe that Helena's fan club was the number one Liberal question in QP...
    the number one concern of the LPC ,
    just makes yah shake your head

  2. As usual the MSM is only printing one side of the story to help out the Liberals and NDP. I have absolutely no respect for the national press gallery.

  3. ...Those who live in glass houses - should stock a lot of Windex? Is that how the saying goes? : )

  4. Wilson,
    what do you suggest the fan club talk about in QP?

    "tirture" documents Polls say zzzz

    what else do they have?

    Jobs, Economy, deficit can't Good News is making them look silly.

  5. Yep, if there was any justice in the world,Ellen Ocran would be in the ranks of the unemployed.

    Unfortunately,she's probably a big hero with her colleagues right now.


  6. You have to love everytime the Liberals get mad at the government for something, we always find out several examples where the Liberals did the exact same thing, some times more recently or more often.

  7. Iceman,exactly! This too shall pass. Makes one wonder what's coming down the pike next.

  8. The entire media are appologists for the liberal party. Hell they have so-called journalists writing to defend them everyday. But with that said, Harper is sticking his neck out for Guergis for some apparent reason. (real conservative)


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