Monday, April 12, 2010

Give It Up Liberals, The Muckracking Is Getting You Nowhere

With all the faux scandals in the last four years that the official opposition Liberals and their cheerleaders in the MSM has wanted to pin on the Conservatives. seems they're just spinning their wheels. They throw things out there hoping something will stick. Seems like voters are not buying what the Liberals and the MSM have been selling.

Kelly McParland in the NP hits the nail on the head as he analyses the latest Ipsos Reid Poll in light of all the shenanigans and antics on Parliament Hill lately.





In case you're having trouble deciphering what that means, here it is: Nothing has changed in the 4+ years since the Tories were elected.

The Conservatives have almost exactly the same support they had in 2006, and again in the 2008 election. Liberal support is the same as it was in 2008, and down only sligtly from 2006. Any variations fall within the margin of error.

The detainee non-scandal had no effect (though don't expect Ujjal Dosanjh to stop barking about it). Prorogation had no effect. Helena Guergis's mortgage had no discernable effect (though the monumental importance of a junior minister's mortgage arrangements may take some time to sink in with the voting public, so we can't say with certainty that it's absolutely meaningless until we see the results of future polls.)

Michael Ignatieff got no bounce from his tour of Canadian campuses. He gained nothing from ThinkFest 2010 in Montreal. Demanding more information on Ms. Guergis's crucial mortgage details has done him no good. Just as the Liberals' scandal-a-day tactics of 2009 went nowhere, so they've achieved nothing in 2010.


You can reach one of several conclusions about this:

1. Canadians have learned to pay little if any attention to the silly antics in Ottawa, and only tune in when an election is actually in progress.

2. Canadians are riveted to C-Span and the daily outpouring of Commons goings-ons, and have concluded that they still prefer the Tories despite the Oppositions many efforts to paint them as insensitive, insufferable and prone to supporting torture.

3.Michael Ignatieff has got to get it through his head that until he presents a viable alternative to the government, no one is going to see the sense of dumping one bunch of blowhards for another. And that means concrete policies, not vague allusions to the party's general support for all things good and true.

4. As long as the economy is OK, who cares?

Roy MacGregor talks about how the chatter classes feast upon scraps in a capital starving for scandal., and come up with all kinds of speculations and innuendo. With that, the rumors just continue. That's all they are, for now anyway until either the Ethics Commish or the RCMP comes up with something concrete.

Meanwhile our economy is continuing to recover, Canadians are starting to go back to work. The Harper government keeps getting things done for the country. Spring is here, people get out and into the yards to start gardening, rushing out to the golf course anxious to try out their new clubs they may have gotten for Christmas. The NHL playoffs are about to begin etc. That's what Canadians pay attention to. Not the drive by smears and the faux scandals.

Remember, as a well-known Canadian was fond of saying: "The more you throw mud, the more you lose ground.


  1. Oh oh, whats with Party coffers.
    It is just in the blood?
    Now there is a real scandal for the pyranna's to chew on.

    ''Quebec's former justice minister alleges construction industry bosses funnelled cash into Liberal Party coffers

    Quebec's governing Liberal party routinely broke fundraising laws and Premier Jean Charest was aware of it, the province's former justice minister alleged Monday.''

  2. Wow,wilson,it really must be in the Liberal DNA.

    Wonder if the vultures in the media will go for this prey. Probably not. It's about Liberals after all,nothing to see here folks,move on.

  3. It is hurting the female vote for sure. All that females see is the Liberals attacking a fellow female.

  4. 10 female Conservative Ministers,
    7 hounded to resign or yelled at as incompetant or both.....that leaves 3, yet to be attacked by the Opps.

    One thing for sure frmgrl, the French Resistance in Quebec will have wind in their sails,
    as once again Liberals do favours for cash and line their own pockets....

  5. One thing for sure frmgrl, the French Resistance in Quebec will have wind in their sails,
    as once again Liberals do favours for cash and line their own pockets....

    So very true,wilson and that is unfortunate.

    I am so sick and tired of the opps and the media attacking our women. Attack,attack,attack, when are they going to stop. I'm beginning to think anyway on the Liberal women's part it's jealousy. We have some very talented and attractive women in the caucus. The Liberal women are not very attractive in their behavior or appearance either. They do not act like ladies.

  6. Put Shelly Glover up front.

    She will have NONE of it.

    Great time to be a Canadian and a Conservative. The amazing people of this fine country are truly ready to kick the left to the curb.

    Then it will be our job to keep the right in the middle. ;)

  7. I like referring to the story of the littl boy who cried wolf. Each successive scream yields less of a response (the phenomenon of diminishing marginal returns). People have tuned out Ujjal's Detainee outrage, such that if people found out that prisoners were currently being tortured, they have already been desensitized.

    The Liberals don't seem to understand how to operate efficiently in opposition.

  8. The problem with Guergis is her husband, not her mortgage. What did she know and did it infringe on her job, her authority, her power, her connections etc. Otherwise I agree with your posting. Hey if the liberals want to drive their numbers down a few more percent than all the better. (real conservative)

  9. When liberals talk scandal the speak their native tongue. (Paraphrase).They show their true colors as the bigots and elitists they really are while feigning care and kindness.

  10. Shelley was a 'cop' who faced vulters so she should know how to handle 'the liberal vulters.'

    The media and opposition want to know who the 'third party' is, so they can scramble around to change or do something right away, even Taber is sounding alarm bells " why why why are you(consevatives) not telling us(media)?"

  11. In response to Hunter: so true the Official Opposition ( and I use the term loosely) were starting to attack the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans on QP yesterday: accusing her of conflict of interest because her son-in-law is on the management team of a company called Green Power in PEI. ( this information had already been provided to the ethics commish by Ms. Shea and was completely above board.) Another drive by smear of Government MP's


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