Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Is the Political Class?

Mr. Iffy claims he's part of the political class. 
"Even more unusual, is his characterization of himself as someone in the "political class." He's used this term before, including at the recent thinkers conference the Liberals hosted in Montreal. According to some definitions, the term political class was originally coined to describe a "ruling class".
Mr. Ignatieff is someone with great talents as a wordsmith, so one has to surmise that he really does think of people in politics as a somehow different "class" from other people. If he doesn't think that, his advisers should encourage him to stop using this term. If he does, he'd best prepare to explain what he means because he can likely count on hearing his political opponents bring this up as part of a renewed effort to cast him as an elitist."
Well what is meant by the political or ruling class?
 Here you can find  great explanation.

.Barbara Yaffe says Scott Reid, yes "beer and popcorn" former communications director for Former PM Paul Martin, Scott Reid, said that was a dumb and makes him look like an elitist. Well, duh, that's what he is. Consider his heritage, How could he possibly connect with us, the little people?
 Recent remarks by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff about his being a member of "the political class" have left him wearing a dunce cap. Political commentators Bruce Anderson, Scott Reid and Tom Flanagan have stated that use of such phrases leaves Ignatieff looking elitist and bolsters Conservative Party attacks suggesting that the Grit chief is too full of himself.
Dumb, dumb, dumb, said Scott Reid, whose criticism is surprising because he's a die-hard Liberal and former communications chief for former Liberal PM Paul Martin. Reid says this type of talk only reaffirms the fact that Ignatieff doesn't seem to know how to connect with ordinary voters, the great middle class out there who should be directed to focus on the Conservative MP's misbehavior rather than Ignatieff's own insulted status as a member of the ruling class.
 If that's how you see yourself, Mr. Iffy, you might as well call up your former employer at Harvard and see if there is a position open for you.  Most Canadians want someone who can relate to them, someone who knows what it's like to work at a real job, raise children  and pay the bills etc. and enjoys regular activities that most Canadians enjoy, such as hockey for instance.  Hmmmm..........I think we already have someone like that in the big chair.


  1. You know it's bad when Scott Reid starts eating his own...

  2. You know it's bad when Scott Reid starts eating his own...

    Yup, Iceman, you're right. Scott Reid is a staunch Liberal party defender. If he feels that way, I just bet there are more Libs out there that feel the same way.

  3. Or picture of politicians with class:


  4. Sounds like he is claiming to be a commie without coming right out and saying it. (real conservative)

  5. I disagree "real conservative". Iggy has a romantic love affair with the Czarist ancestors in his attic. Believe me, he has no love for the Bolshevicks. The Czars weren't communists, they were merely incompetent.

  6. Iceman is right - Iggy is totally into the elitist Czar ancestors and his crabby Canadian immigrant relatives who were always critics!!!!

  7. Iceman, Still there is something that screams socialist when I look at Iggy. When an academic mentions political class they are talking about political economics is how I understand it. If a business person talks about political class then they mean bureaucracy. Fascists were socialists in bed with big business which seem to resemble most modern day liberals. (real conservative)


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