Monday, April 26, 2010

To All Levels of Government, Raising Taxes Is Not the Answer

This time of of the year we all think about taxes.  Every time you turn around, it seems like we are paying some sort of tax. Well, we are taxed almost to death, in one form or another by one level of government or another.  The Fraser Institute has just put out a report that says that taxes for average Canadian family have increased at faster rate than costs of food, clothing and housing.  It says also that our taxes since 1961 have increased, get this, a big %1,624.  That's tallied from all levels of government.

That is huge seeing that there is only one taxpayer and all levels of government are running deficits and/or having a tough time raising revenues to pay for the delivering of services etc.  So what to do. Some are advocating raising taxes to pick up the slack.  Mr. Z  wants to raise your taxes, so would the Dippers  and others etc.   Ontario and BC will be implementing and HST come the summer. That is going to put a bigger burden on an already maxed out taxpayer.

All those fees, levies, premiums etc., don't let that fool you. They're really taxes. Can you afford this? Heck no! Many folk are having a tough time right now trying to make ends meet. 

So what's the answer?  Kevin Gaudet from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation suggests that reigning in spending is the way to go. He's right. Spending has gotten out of control in ALL levels of government, mostly on services we really don't need and there's been a lot of waste and mismanagement. The size of all level of governments have been ballooning over the years.

Reining in spending is what needs to be done so that future generations of Canadians are not burdened with the debt and deficits that has been racked up.  If something isn't done now, we are in for big, big trouble ahead.

I will quote John McCain in speaking of the huge debt deficit that is crushing the United States right now. He refers to  it as "Generational Theft"  It applies here too. Do you want to leave your future generations to pay off the debt and deficits that have been piling up, I don't think so.

It's up to us to pressure our governments at all levels to stop the out of control spending and make hard choices to actually make cuts and reduce the size of government. In other words, let's stop the nanny state.

BTW.  A bit of a reminder, if you haven't filed your return, you got 'till the end of this week. 


  1. Spin Assassin said...

    Thank you!

    No problem! lol That's the way I see it!

  2. Unfortunately history is not on our side. Even the conservative governments that promise to be fiscally responsible have increased spending far faster than inflation. It has to do with a flaw in the democratic system that over time more and more people become dependent on the government and it becomes a larger and larger portion of the economy.

    Once the people discover that they can vote themselves something for nothing and politicians discover that they can fool most of the people most of the time the outcome is already decided.

    It won't be fixed the private side of the economy will eventually collapse under the enormouse weight of government.


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