Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's In the Liberal DNA?

First you have the Federal Liberal Party.  They have no direction, no policies except to raise the corporate tax rate and are a party with no real unity.  They have leader who is out of touch with regular Canadians. He was coaxed to come back to Canada in hopes of becoming PM asap after being out of the country for 34 yrs. They have lost touch of who they are and what they stand for. They are a party adrift. Canada's Liberal Party has lost it's way.

Next you have the Alberta Provincial Party where a popular MLA yesterday quit the Alberta Libs  to sit as an Independent.  Dave Taylor former radio talk show host turned MLA for Calgary-Currie Calgary has sat in the Ledge in Edmonton for 6yrs. under the Liberal banner. The reason he sited for leaving  was under
leader David Swan, the party has gone adrift.  Swan is out of touch with Albertans.  They weren't getting any traction, no one was talking about them.

Then you have the Quebec Liberal Party where they are in the middle of a mess.  There have been  allegations where "stacks of cash were forked over by construction company bosses and illegally funnelled into party coffers."
The claims are too, that Premier Charest knew what was going on.  Wow! Sound familiar? Looks to me they have lost their way too.

Is it in the Liberal DNA or what?  I think we can clearly see at least two provincial Liberal parties are very much like their federal cousins.  Alberta Libs like the federal party-"adrift".  Federal Libs-"adrift"
              Quebec=cash funneled back into party coffers    Federal Libs=cash funneled back into party coffers
At least the Alberta Libs haven't been accused of any corruption but then again they haven't had the reins of power either, thank God.


  1. And where were the media all that time hmmm; Quebecers should be asking that question. Because it seems to me, no matter where the liberal government form, the media stands on guard for them instead for the public.

    Remember the huge debt albertans faced and Ralph gave the public 'two' choices: you can either continue with the debt or pay it off starting now but sacrifices will have to be made and brother did we know how to survive and look what happened. After years of paying off the debt, and Ralph taking or introducing our province to the international scene,we albertans managed to pull through.

    When Charest knew that the debt was growing, he should have taken drastic measures at that time. He should have asked Ralph 'how to go about decreasing the quebec debt' and most likely Ralph would give him some ideas.

  2. Great post! It seems to be a disease that infects Liberals, they think they are the natural ruling party in Canada, and that should be enough to win them power. How's that working out Libbies??

  3. The problem with Quebec Jen, is that they don't have to make tough choices like we had to in Alberta. They rely on the ROC to fund their spending. As long as that goes on, they won't do want needs to be done. It's about time that ROC and Ottawa tells them enough is enough and then use a little tough love.

  4. An end to funding of the BLOC should be a huge election issue!!!!

  5. Lets clear one long held myth for good.

    The liberal party of its various permutations has never had a direction based on policy or principle, the have chosen whatever flavour of the day was being touted by the pollsters and interest groups, gave it a catchy cliche title and ran with it.
    "Just society"
    "kill da GST"
    "Fix for a generation"
    "Green shift"
    "Sponsorship Program"

  6. frmgrl, I agree, it is about time Quebec learns how to stand on its two feet. but, if they want to remain dependant on ROC, they should learn to live with us and not against us.


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