Friday, May 28, 2010

Do As I Say Not As I Do

Liberals demand that the government must allow staffers testify in front of committees to raked over the coals by the opposition for  political gain and yet Liberals in committee hearing  fillibustered  to prevent their own from testifying. 
Derek Lee has been accused of lobbying when it was found on a website for a law firm he works for.
OTTAWA - The Liberals shielded one of their own Thursday from answering questions about alleged lobbying at the same committee where they have grilled former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer over similar accusations.

Their efforts elicited accusations of hypocrisy from the Conservatives, who have been hammered this week by the Liberals for telling ministerial staff not to testify at parliamentary committees
I mean this is the height of hypocrisy. Conservative ministerial staffers have to appear and be hammered by a hostile opposition instead of the Minister to score political points meanwhile Liberals accused of something that could be inappropriate don't have to testify to clear things up? Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

Committees used to be where the work for Canadians actually got done. Not so much anymore, they've become kangaroo courts where there's nothing but witch hunts for political gain. Look at for instance the special committee for the mission in Afghanistan. They should be discussing our mission over there and how better to improve our chances at winning and what we should do next after our combat mission.  All they do is talk about how Taliban detainees are being treated and trying to tar the troops and the government with war crimes and so called cover ups. Then there is the Guergis/Jaffer issue, drugs, shady characters and busty hookers. Disgusting! It all about gotcha politics!

Committees are becoming a joke. We are paying for these clowns to waste time and money on stuff like this.

Are they getting any of the public's business done? One wonders. To be fair though, the media is complicit in these circuses by covering them live and reporting on them ad nauseam.

Perhaps if the media would focus less on this kind of garbage and focus more on the committees that are actually doing some work, maybe the circus atmosphere at committees would lessen too. One can only hope!


  1. This should put an end to the Liberals attempting to paint themselves as the "Ethical Alternative"

  2. This should put an end to the Liberals attempting to paint themselves as the "Ethical Alternative"

    Exactly! They weren't exactly virtuous to begin with.

  3. I really do not know why a 'committee' when nothing comes out of it. also it is to use the media to do the same job the liberals would normally do in the committee and 'free'-the chairman can be Taber, Fife or Oliver. and when they take their break or when finished for that day, CBC Evans, CLARK, DELACOURT, O'MALLY THE TWEETER can all continue as committee chairmen for the rest of the evening to be aired repetitively on television and radio.

    Pablo, Derek, and few others including those who owe thousands of dollars to the EC all walk away free.
    What do you call this?

    BTW frmgrl, have you read today's NP on

    A national regulator, not a federal one
    Jim Dinning, Financial Post
    Published: Friday, May 28, 2010

    Read more:

  4. BTW frmgrl, have you read today's NP on

    Not yet Jen. I'll get around to it shortly. Thanks for pointing it out.


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