Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mr. Ziffy Does Not Know Canada

 As Rex Murphy has so eloquently states it, Mr. Ziffy just does not know or get Canada.
Mr. Ziffy believes that being out of the country for so many years has made him a" better Canadian."  Huh?   Because I haven't been a world traveler and out of the country for years, does that make me "less of a Canadian?


  1. If he really knew Canada he'd discover that he's actually a Conservative.

  2. o/t our Conservative MP Shelley Glover really blasted the police chief in committee, said cops are retaliated against if they dare speak against the Gun Registry, had examples.

    One thing about committees, saying what you think without the threat of prosecution, goes for all witnessess....ha
    (ignore the title, it's the Star)

  3. Wilson, I just read that article you left the link for. Good for Shelly! She has nothing to apologize for. She's completely right. She is a former police officer herself so she knows what she's talking about.
    I hope she keeps telling it like it is. The long gun registry should go. It's more trouble than it's worth.

  4. In my books, Ignatieff left Canada because it wasn't sexy enough for him and his family money, and he thought he would be comfortable and have his abundant ego better fed elsewhere. He didn't leave Canada to serve Canada: there's a huge difference between him and a foreign diplomat or soldier being out of the country while serving it. Ignatieff is a snob and a twit, and I believe deep inside even the most brainwashed Liberal sheeple can sense that. His comments about what him being a better Canadian then any of use who have spent a life contributing here is offensive. I despise the dweeb for that arrogant comment.

  5. Those of us who have spent the last 30 years in Canada have helped to build it and make it great. It doesn't matter if you are a welder, farmer, office worker, stay at home Mom, or a politician. We all stayed here and helped build this country in our own little ways. It doesn't make you a bad Canadian to leave the country for 30 years to follow your opportunities but it certainly does not make you the best choice for Prime Minister. I cannot stand Ignatieff and just hearing his sneering, condescending voice makes my ears bleed!

  6. Kelly said...


  7. To a leftard this all makes sense believe it or not. Somebody out there... is a 'world citizen' and thus superior to a Canadian. Thus, they are more than qualified to come here and take control and tell us that we are ignorant and need to do what we are told.. provided it is socialism of course. Leftards despise culture, religion, race, country, patriotism, causes (except their own), freedom, and a lot of other things that most people in the first world take for granted. (real conservative)


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