Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mr. Ziffy Irrelevant?

Kelly McParland has a good piece about on Mr. Ziffy called Michael Who?
 You have argued ceaselessly that the government is obsessed with secrecy, is deliberately hiding critical documents from public scrutiny and is increasingly contemptuous of Parliament. You've hounded the Prime Minister into firing a troublesome minister whose antics raised serious questions about the way business gets done in Ottawa. The country has just gone through one of the most frightening economic periods in a generation, a situation that invariably reflects badly on the government of the day.


  1. Did everyone get their ''we don't want an election, we want to govern'' Duffygram?

    It is time for the Liberals to do that 'rebuilding' and figure out what they stand for,
    the country is in good hands with PMSH.

  2. I enjoy your blog
    Thanks,Iceman. I like your blog too,it's pretty cool.

  3. Great post. There's something about Michael Ignatieff that really bothers me. He certainly makes Stephane Dion look good by comparison. At least Dion came across as half-way sincere.

  4. He certainly makes Stephane Dion look good by comparison.

    Joanne, he certainly does make Mr.Dion look good. Mr.Dion had his "Green Shift" whether you agreed with it or not. He honestly believed in it and defended it with passion. You have to give him credit for that.
    Mr.Ziffy, no one knows where he actually stands on anything.


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