Tuesday, June 15, 2010

About Time But Still Not Good Enough

According to Gloria Galloway, MPs will open their books to Auditor-General.
Members of Parliament are ready to let Auditor-General Sheila Fraser conduct a review of Parliamentary spending that would include and examination of how the politicians spend their own allotted sums.
At a press conference, Ms. Fraser said she would be looking at some specific expenses incurred by MPs but would not be reviewing their overall office budgets, nor would she be calling our individual members on their spending practices.
That's not enough, she needs to take a look at  the MP's office budgets and their spending practices.  It's OUR MONEY!  The taxpayer has a right to know what the MPs are spending our money on.
MP's from ALL PARTIES, open your entire books!  Voters WILL remember come election time!

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