Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Those Who Malign Fox, Probably Don't Watch

All the buzz the last few days has been around a new 24hr. news network that is going to be a Foxnews like broadcaster.  Many against this new venture by Quebecor that hasn't even broadcasted one show yet probably don't watch Foxnews.
At least that's what Peter Worthington is speculating.
It may be too much to hope for a TV channel that has few sacred cows, but using Fox News as a guide, is not a bad start. Those who malign Fox, tend to be people who don’t watch it, but regurgitate what they’ve heard from such as Christopher Dornan and think-alikes.
 I wonder if Don Newman or Craig Oliver ever watch Foxnews, hmmm...... I highly doubt it.  I watch Foxnews alot and do find it fair and balanced and rather entertaining at the same time. 

It's high time we had an alternative in a TV news source to the left wing bias that comes from CTV and CBC mainly. 
It will be nice to have something that's fair and balanced for a change. It will be a breath of fresh air. Can't wait to hear more about it.


  1. Exactly, in a good way, once you have watched fox enough and become familiar with the anchors, I find it not only informative, I also find it entertaining.

  2. I love fox new they actually give good credit to canada where credit is do . It felt good when both bill oreilly and Beck said the only other allies that are doing there part and more in afghanistan is our friends Canada. and gave credit to us.

  3. The left will never be able to watch this and find any favour with it due to their overwhelming biases and feelings of victimhood. It is the silent majority in the middle that is hungry for 'more of the story' that may find solace in a new perspective. Most people on the right should enjoy hearing others say out loud what they think everyday but have been too 'afraid' to say outloud for decades of political correctness in this country. (real conservative)

  4. It is the silent majority in the middle that is hungry for 'more of the story' that may find solace in a new perspective.

    That's a very good point! That's why the competitors getting their knickers in a knot over this. The silent majority will finally have a voice.

  5. William in Ajax said...

    The silent majority will finally have a voice, when a "none of the above" box appears on the ballot and becomes a legal funtion of elections!

    When we can vote "none of the above" and politicians are legaly required to "caretake" until the next election, with no power to change taxation law...thats when the silent majority will have its voice and come back to the polls in droves.


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