Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finally An End To Inmate Pensions

Today the government will introduce legislation that will bring to an end OAS and GIS that were being paid to long term convicted criminals that are incarcerated. They shouldn't have been receiving pension in the first place.  Child killer, Clifford Olson, say goodbye to your $1,100 pension monthly cheques. 

Inmates don't need the money anyway. What are they going to spend it on?  Pretty well everything is supplied for them at the auspice of taxpayer anyway.

 It'll be interesting to see how the opposition will vote on this. You would think that this should pass unanimously.   It's really a no brainer.         
We shall see.
Kudos to Sun colmunist Peter Worthington in bringing this to light in March and Human Resource Minister Diane Finely taking such quick action seeing how slowly government usually operates at snails pace.

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  1. Which Liberal government gave them back the right to vote? That should be next.


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