Monday, May 31, 2010

How Does Prime Minister Jack Layton Sound?

Just the sound of that should be enough to scare the wits of ya. Norman Spector muses about a Prime Minister Jack Layton in the light of the latest Angus Reid poll.

Think about it for a moment, a coalition government lead by a Prime Minister Jack Layton would literally bring our country to it's knees. We'd make Greece look like tight wads. We'd be in the same shape or worse as them in short order. Of course to stay in power, he'd have to shovel billions more of your money into Quebec to keep them appeased and on board.

You'd have free National Daycare, National Social Housing, 360hrs of work to qualify for EI, full implementation of Kyoto bowing to the religion of global warming and all kinds of welfare programs that hasn't even been thought of yet etc.. Heck, why not National everything?

The oilsands would shut be down. How about strict gun control laws? The military would be armed with candy, teddy bears and shovels and be reduced to doing social work and shovelling snow in Toronto. Slaps on the wrists and hugs for criminals. Free drug injection sites through out the land. There would probably be a new national holiday named Gay Pride Day. If you operate a business or manage a bank, you'd be punished for making a profit.

I don't know how this sounds to you but this is most likely what you would get with a "Prime Minister Jack Layton." All your dreams come true! A socialist's utopia! Barf!!!

If this were to happen, God help us! Makes me want to run to the hills.


  1. Wow, perfect description of what Quebecers want!
    And the poll says so, BLOC voters would jump at a chance to have a Layton led coalition.
    But the Greens, which surprises me, would not budge.

    With the coalition of losers put front and center, maybe some non-separatist BLOC voting Quebecers will jump to a federalist party!!!
    This is all good news.

    Yah can hear Liberal heads exploding all the way out to Alberta!

  2. That's almost as scary as saying PM Elizabeth May. As for shutting down the oilsands, he would have to be fast on his feet. This province would have voted to separate before he had even selected his cabinet.

  3. This province would have voted to separate before he had even selected his cabinet.

    Powell lucas, you got that right!

  4. It isn't going to happen. The Liberals will not abdicate the power they are entitled to.


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