Monday, June 14, 2010

Nightmares of the Coalition of the Swilling

 Next election voters will have the choice between the Conservatives who provides a stable, secure even though not perfect, a fairly decent government or a coalition of a bunch of buffoons who would provide an unstable, nightmarish kind of government that wouldn't know what they're doing half of the time that would be fractious and fighting with themselves.

Monte Solberg explains how fractious the coalition of the swilling would be. The coalition would be very unstable because the fractures within the NDP and the Lib parties as of now re-gun registry, immigration etc.
Consider that these days Liberals are falling out with Liberals on refugee reform. Both the Liberals and the NDP are fractured on the long-gun registry. This suggests that if there ever was a coalition government that it would be held together by the flimsiest and most fleeting of ties. It’s easy to imagine that with the first tough decisions it would blow apart like a BP drilling rig.
Then he compares it to the so called  "grassroots Facebook  petition against prorogation."
As you may recall last January, some seers were confident that a great grassroots movement had been set in motion by the prime minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament. They told us that the people would soon rise up as one and smite the government, led I suppose by Che Guevara in a toque. We were supposed to be so excited they had a Facebook petition that we would forget that they had no ideas, plans or leaders.
In the end, there was no revolt because regular people would rather Parliament pause then hand the keys to the same people who today whisper the word “coalition”. They knew that the Conservatives were still mostly on the right track while they feared the opposition would tie them to the track.
This coalition idea suffers from the same fatal flaw. It has every appearance of being craven instead of serving the people, and the public will smell that a mile away.
Then you have David Olive who describes what the cabinet would look like.
Gerard Kennedy as PM,
Layton as deputy PM.
Ralph Goodale, Finance
Ken Dryden, Consumer Affairs
Bob Rae, Urban Affairs
Stephane Dion,  R&D
Thomas Mulclair, Environment and coalition political leader for Quebec
Pat Martin,  Agriculture and the Canada Wheat Board
Olivia Chow  Immigration,
Peggy Nash  Alternative-energy minister;
Ed Broadbent might be convinced to challenge Jim Flaherty in Broadbent's old Oshawa riding, and impose a needed renaissance on Foreign Affairs
Roy Romanow Health

Yikes! Nightmare city! The thoughts that cabinet would be enough for voters to run to the hills. A far left socialist dream come true! God Help Canada if  these bunch of buffoons ever get their hands on the reins of power! Count Canada becoming another Greece in short order.

 Surely these clowns can't be that stupid to think they can actually pull this off and the public be OK with it!  The best way to prevent this kind of thing happening is to elect a majority Conservative government next time round. Four years if  a decent stable government and four years for the others to come to their senses.
I think the choice will be no brainer.  


  1. Heh, where is the cabinet seat for Buzz!
    No socialist/separatist coalition is complete without a cabinet seat for big Unions!
    Lizzy May, better start bidding for your seat in cabinet, it's a "fire sale"!

    A prediction,
    Liberals will campaign on not including the separatists in any coalition government,
    they have to make that promise or they are soooooo done.

    But when the only thing between LibDips and power is for Liberals to break the promise of 'no separatists',
    they will break that promise,
    guaranteed no doubt about it.

    Since leaving his south of France villa and parachuted into the LPC, Iffy's leadership has been about Iffy reversing his positions.

    What Iffy says is necessary, but not necessarily what he said.

    NOTHING the Liberals campaign on can be trusted, not one policy, not one position, absolutely everything is dependant on getting the NDP and BLOC approval.

    A vote for LibDips is a vote for everything and nothing.

  2. A vote for LibDips is a vote for everything and nothing.

    Right on! Nice summation,wilson! :)

  3. I think that is why old Chretien/Broadbent are full steam ahead with merger talks,
    they know the 'promise everything and deliver nothing' attacks are in the bag for the Cons, come next election.
    Both Libs and Dippers could lose big time with that line of attack.

  4. Libby Davies, Minister Human Resources Givaways
    Hedy Fry, Status of Women and Transvestites


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