Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh,oh, Look Who's in Trouble Now!

Yup, none other than NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies. What will her leader do?  Will she be disciplined?
OTTAWA — New Democratic Party deputy leader Libby Davies is in hot water in her own caucus over controversial comments she made this month at an anti-Israeli protest when she appeared to question the Jewish state’s right to exist, while also suggesting that she believes it should face a boycott and sanctions.
Hear her for yourself.


  1. Jeez Libby it was not all that long ago the majority thought people like you should not exist.
    You'd think she'd know better.

  2. Davies represents all that I detest about the supercilious, holier-than-thou, left wing jerks. She is the embodiment of all the condescending, arrogant, so-called progressives that want to tell me how to lead my life.

  3. LOL, why else would Ms Libby go to an anti-Israeli protest?

    Dippers and their bigotry have flown under the wire for ever,
    now all of a sudden, when Liberals are begging the NDP to to put them back in government, the media notices!

    This is what wanna-be Minister Davis believes.
    There is also no tolerance of non-prochicers in the NDP. Is this gonna be news too?

  4. Libby's full of beans!

  5. now all of a sudden, when Liberals are begging the NDP to to put them back in government, the media notices!

    It's about time I say! Makes one wonder though who else in that caucus has the same sentiments and just afraid to express them.

  6. I'm no fan of the NDP, but I thought Ms. Davies came across as a lot more rational on the issue than I thought she'd be, especially given this is supposedly a "gotcha" video. I'm confused as to what the controversy even is.

  7. I have a longer occupation. How about the occupation of Isreal by the Romans, the Palestinians who were ensconced by the Romans and the long occupation by the Turks.

  8. Libby should have cleared this with Donolo first. She wasn't thinking...

  9. Hey Brrr, I'm from BC and we've seen the Libster FOR EVERRRRRR. She's always been crazy as a loon. She's managed to fly under the radar because the Lib media has only picked up on anti-Conservative comments that fit their narrative.

    Now that NDP 'leaders' are in line for cabinet positions, even the MSM regulars have to be clearing their throats trying to figure out how to package this wingnut.



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