Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Federal Liberal Candidate Won't Stepdown.

A federal Liberal candidate from Calgary, Jennifer Pollock won't quit for her racist remarks she made concerning the Calgary Police Service on a twitter post. 
CALGARY - Embattled federal Liberal candidate Jennifer Pollock won't resign after posting online remarks accusing some Calgary cops of being racist.
 The Calgary West candidate, who twice lost to Conservative MP Rob Anders, courted controversy over the weekend by suggesting on Twitter that while she isn't condemning the force, she still contends some city police are racist.
Responding to reports of a memo sent to Tory faithful Sunday evening calling for Liberal boss Michael Ignatieff to axe the veteran campaigner, Pollock said she has no intention of stepping down and the government is simply using the gaffe as a smokescreen.
"This is a common tactic - the Conservatives are trying to change the channel by talking about this," she said. "I think in a big force in a big complex city there are some police who are racist.
"But I'm saying these things because I care about the police."
Pollock received some Twitter backlash Sunday after publicly agreeing with another person's statement that Calgary cops display "blatant racism."
She went further, saying: "My statement is not condemning the Calgary Police Service - but admitting the need for change - yes (there are) some racist cops in (Calgary)."
Police union boss John Dooks said he was offended by the remark but he's not ready to back calls for her resignation.
"It's insulting and offensive that somebody would say that," he said.
"I don't necessarily think someone should be fired for (saying) that but I'd like to hear her respond to it - she owes it to the community."
Dooks said racism is not tolerated in the service and "the only intolerance officers have generally is that against anti-societal behaviour."
Pollock noted she called police Chief Rick Hanson on Sunday night, leaving a message inviting him to give her a call if he wants to discuss her comments.
The party is continuing to back Pollock, with press secretary Michel Liboiron saying her candidacy is safe and the party believes the Calgary force is top-notch.
"Our position on the Calgary police department is crystal clear: They are a fine and respected force, and we have the utmost confidence and respect in them and their work," he wrote in an email.
"Our candidate simply wants to ensure that the police service has the resources to do its job - including the training and community outreach that is now an essential part of any police force in a world-class city such as Calgary."
 Mr. Iffy obviously is not going to call for her head he and the party are standing behind her.   If they think they can unseat Rob Anders in Calgary West, they have another thing coming and this surely doesn't help.
You can bet your booty that  if this were a Conservative candidate, there would be demands for the person to stepdown and an apology from all quarters, Liberals and their cheerleader media, calling the CPC racist and all sorts of names.

Could it be that Liberals  actually support racism?   They support affirmative action which is blatantly racist.  You make the call.


  1. Is this one of the political whores appointed by the Liberals to reach there quota of 1/3 female candidates nationwide?

  2. Is this one of the political whores appointed by the Liberals to reach there quota of 1/3 female candidates nationwide?

    I don't know but could very well be.

  3. Their are racist police in evey Province..look at the G20

  4. What a winner, there is a police station in her she won't get too many votes if she went door knocking around there.

  5. Two terrible candidates. For obvious reasons, Pollock is not a good candidate, but neither is Rob Anders. Don't get me wrong, I'm a strong Conservative supporter but I cannot support an MP as terrible and "redneck" as Rob Anders.

  6. Keep her around, it helps the conservative cause in Alberta. Every time they see her they will be reminded of liberal hypocrisy. (real conservative)

  7. She tried to win teh conservative nomination from Anders a couple of elections ago. She was so dissapointed when she lost that she went over to the other side to try to win it there. During the last election she leaked confidential information to the press to try to discredit Anders. she is a lowlife and should step down.

  8. "I'm a strong Conservative supporter but I cannot support ..."

    You are a little out of practice, troll. The proper phrase is 'I'm a Concerned Christian Conservative (TM), but...'.

    Jennifer has no hope of winning and she knows it. She is simply trying to earn herself some Gliberal cred against future graft by carrying the banner in a lost cause.

    Since she won't win anyway, there is no downside to her taking the low road. (This is what passes for Fiberal strategery.)

  9. She's also sexist. This is the woman who - as school trustee - tried to have the Grade 12 provincial exams abolished because they were unfair to girls (as in, boys did better than girls on them). No concern, however, about the fact that boys were doing worse than girls when the 'in-house' marks for tests, assignments, and participation were being handed out.


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