Saturday, August 7, 2010

Census is About the Invasion of Privacy

I haven't posted  before about the so called census kerfuffle because I saw it as another  non-issue conjured up by the Lame Stream Media and the opposition. Minister Tony Clement and the PM want make the long form census voluntary instead mandatory without the threat of jail or fines, and you'd think the world was coming to an end. Armageddon was about to come upon us!  Run for the hills!

The government want to gives a little freedom and privacy and all hell breaks loose?  Something's wrong with that picture if you ask me. Maybe I'm missing something here but I thought people would clamor for a little freedom and privacy.  Actually the general population is not talking about this.  It's a non-issue at the local Timmies, the offices and workplaces, and around the the kitchen tables in this country.
Chris Vander Doelen from the Windsor Star sums it up perfectly what this whole cabal is all about and brings some sense into it.
The census is about the unelected controlling the public. The intensity of their defence of the long census reveals the importance this information plays in their plans to tax and control every aspect of life.
 That's it, it's about control and social engineering.  I guess those  in the  Lame Stream Media outraged about this non-issue enjoy the infringement of  their privacy.  They must relish the government and the unelected bureaucracy controlling every aspect of their lives.   The coalition of the losers love the thought of controlling everything we do and say and social engineering. After all they are the parties of big (brother)government and love the big government social  welfare programs.

The less government knows about our private lives the better and the more freedom we have.  Our freedoms are being eroded little by little everyday without us even realizing it.  We must not be sheep led to the slaughter.  We must protect and fight for our freedoms.  It's worth it.  That's why I support Tony Clement and the PM for taking this action on the long form census.

Next thing  this government should tackle is the  Human Rights Tribunal, Section 13 of the Human Rights Act and the erosion of  our free speech.



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  1. I think at the most basic level this is an issue of personal intellectual property. All the opponents to this change value the information, for whatever purpose they advocate, but how is that value obtained? If an individuals private information carries such immense value, they least that should be expected is that information be provided with consent, as in voluntarily. If all the business groups, and outside government want this valuable information-they can pay for it, and acquire it themselves. Their free lunch is over.


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