Monday, August 9, 2010

Premier Stelmach Wins the Lottery!

Let me present you with Alberta's newest millionaire. It's none other than our dear Premier. He has won $1,004,000 from yes, you and me the hardworking taxpayer.  He and others will get a nice little sum when they leave the legislature whether they quit on their own or are defeated next election which is scheduled to take place by  2012.
Ed Stelmach. $1,004,000. Now, a million-dollar man.
Ken Kowalski, the legislature Speaker. $1,270,000. Even better.
Wildrose MLA Heather Forsyth. $605,000.
Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman. $482,000
Ted Morton, finance minister, apostle of austerity, elected six years ago. $345,000.
Carl Benito, the well-heeled Tory MLA who promised two years ago to donate his full salary to charity if elected, got elected and then didn’t, the man who pushed for the red-cap mushroom to be declared Alberta’s official fungus and then suggested a beauty pageant to boost tourism. $136,000, after only one term in office as a backbencher.
This big-time moolah is the estimated cheques these members of the legislature will receive if they vamoose or are bounced at the anticipated March 2012 provincial election. That’s provided they don’t add on to their pay by 2012. If anything, the dollars spelled out here are a little on the low side.
Nice little departure gift, wouldn't you say?  Come to think of it, maybe I missed something but I don't remember signing off on this. Do you, fellow Albertans?  Who do they think they are?  It smells of arrogance and entitlement.   Now I don't begrudge our elected officials a decent living but this is over the top especially in a time of restraint and austerity. It is just simply outrageous.
Most regular Albertans don't get sweet deals like this when they leave a job. Time for Albertan's to stand up against this kind of travesty!

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  1. I find it amusing to listen to Albertans complain about Stelmach. I'm not saying he's great, but I don't think you realize just how terrible Dalton McGuinty and Gordon Campbell are. In BC, we have a carbon tax. The furor in Alberta would increase a factor of 1000 if your provincial government unleashed a carbon tax.

    It is like complaining about macaroni and cheese while people are starving to death in the streets...I would LOVE some macaroni and cheese...


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