Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Compassion, How Far Should It Go?

The Liberals and Paul Dewar NDP MP both say the government should show "more compassion" where the Tamil migrants are concerned.
Earlier in the day, the federal Liberals called on the government to show more compassion and to “lower the tone” on the possibility that some of the Tamil refugee claimants might be criminals or terrorists with links to the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
NDP MP Paul Dewar said the government should focus on helping Sri Lanka to rebuild after a long civil war, instead of trying to block Tamils from entering Canada.
PM Harper has vowed to take a tough stand against illegals.  
This time, Ottawa is taking a tougher stand on illegal arrivals, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper Prime vowing to stop the flow of ship-borne migrants to Canadian shores, saying he will “not hesitate to strengthen the laws if we have to.”
“Canadians are pretty concerned when a whole boat of people comes – not through any normal application process, not through any normal arrival channel – and just simply lands,” Mr. Harper said at a news conference in Mississauga, Ont., on Tuesday.
David Warren aptly expresses that "compassion" as public policy is nearly always a fraud.
As a public policy, "compassion" is nearly always a fraud; and I have inserted the word "nearly" only in case I think of an exception after filing this column. I can't think of one now.
He then goes on to state what "compassion" for the Tamils mean for the Liberals.
 We are lucky, for the moment, to have a party in power that owes nothing to the Tamil Tigers. For the Liberals, the sham of "compassion" extended to fundraising events with their goons, and the settled party understanding that any large, fairly desperate, and culturally exotic pool of welfare-propending immigrants will make reliable Liberal voting fodder. Hence side-splitting expostulations of compassion.
Brian Lilley says how that "compassion" can be deadly. 
Canadians outraged over the queuejumping boat filled with would-be refugees are being told to be a bit more compassionate, to open their hearts.Unfortunately, the type of compassion being advocated could get someone killed.
L.Ian Macdonald clearly states that these Tamil migrants are taking advantage of our "compassion" jumping the que and suggests we invoke the Notwithstanding Clause.
It is quite another for human traffickers to make a mockery of Canada's territorial and political sovereignty. Nor can there be any doubt that this is a test case or a probe of Canada's capacity to fend off rogue ships before they reach our shores. And Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has warned that two more ships might already be in the water bound for Canada. Apparently, the first and only line of defence is to stop these ships before they ever leave their home ports. We would have to rely on the Sri Lankans for that. Criminal sanctions could also be considered against Tamils living in Canada who can be proved to have sent money home to bring relatives here illegally. And then there is the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution - it's there for a reason, use it or lose it.
Yes let's have compassion but only for those who are truly refugees. We cannot solve the world's problems, we have enough problems of our own.  What about compassion for our own.  Let's have compassion for our security and sovereignty.  What about our own that are living on the street, the elderly, and our veterans?  Above all,please, let's not allow our selves to taken advantage of. 


  1. The ghosts of Hitler, Göbbels, Lenin, Stalin, Arafat, Atta and others are pleased. The stench of modern “progressive” liberalism, combined with her twin sister “anti-Americanism,” is a sweet odor to their “progressive” nostrils. However to me, it’s an odor more foul than the average boulevard in Paris.

    ~Jeffry Pages is a former US State Department Foreign Affairs Officer who spent many years in the Middle East.

  2. One of the (many) elements of this story that hasn't adequately covered in the MSM is the relatively good condition of the Tamils on board.

    Now let's consider this for a moment. If you were putting some strategic Tiger operatives into a boat to crash Canada's lax system, you wouldn't want them to die enroute would you? No, of course not. You'd want them to have a relatively safe, comfortable voyage so they can 'get to work' as soon as possible after the Canadian rubes release them.


  3. Anony@10:24am

    That does make you go hmmm....,doesn't it.

  4. Perhaps the Tamils should 'tone it down'

    Using Canada as a base, abusing Canadian freedoms to continue on raging a war against their homeland,
    is totally unacceptable.

    Canada is a compassionate and generous country.
    We also are a sovereign nation,
    and must first and foremost, protect our security and our borders.
    That is a governments first duty to their citizens, protect and defend.

  5. John 3:17
    But whoever has the world's goods, and beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?

    Galatians 6:2
    "Bear one another's burdens, and in this you will fulfill the law of Christ."

  6. Very good post farmgirl!

    Thanks,Fay! I just wanted to emphasize we can go a little too far with "compassion" There's compassion and there's "compassion" if you know what I mean.

  7. I have been having discussions with people I know who smell a big rat in this scandal and it wasn't on the ship. Yes we know that the Tamils had friends and relatives here and immigration lawyers salivated for their arrival. We know that charities and other agencies desperate for work also jumped for joy as locals braced for being taken advantage of once again. We also know that many of these people will as per Liberal talking points 'take jobs that Canadian's don't want' or more accurately take jobs Canadian's are not qualified to apply for anymore. What we discussed was that this whole affair looks manufactured to embarrass the Harper government and it was an inside job. We felt is was in the bureaucracy somewhere and of course it was 'liberal.' (real conservative)


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