Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ezra Levant vs Liberal MP Gurbax Singh Malhi

Kudo's to Sun Media! Brian Lilley has called out Lib MP Gurbax Singh Malhi when he responded to a column that  Ezra wrote earlier in the week stating that Malhi supported the Tamil Tigers.  He claims Ezra has the facts wrong about a rally that he spoke at earlier this year.
OTTAWA - An MP who stood in a sea of Tamil Tiger flags and listened as protesters chanted “Tamil Tiger, freedom fighter” is striking back at columnist Ezra Levant.
Liberal MP Gurbax Singh Malhi says a column that ran in QMI Agency newspapers earlier this week by Levant “misrepresents the facts in suggesting that I support the Tamil Tigers, when my allegiance is to the protection of human rights of individuals around the world.”
In a letter to the editor, Malhi stated that he has spoken out against violations of human rights wherever they have occurred around the world.
“Also note that the event at which I was present and that is mentioned in the column was actually a Tamil-Canadian community rally,” Malhi wrote.
Levant, in a column under the headline, End refugee free-for-all, had questioned why Tamils fleeing Sri Lanka were being treated as refugees when the United Nations does not.
“Let’s ask Gurbax Singh Malhi, a Liberal MP who spoke at a Tamil Tiger rally on Parliament Hill last March, surrounded by the terrorist group’s flags and portraits of Prabhakaran,” wrote Levant.
Here is the video that Brian Lilley posted with  his column with Malhi standing at Parliament Hill at a Tamil Tiger rally speaking in support of their cause. 

Tamil-Canadian community rally?  Right! Was it really?  Take note of the Tamil Tiger flags in the video.  Did he not notice the terrorist flags when speaking at that event?  Don't tell me he didn't.
Me thinks either Mr. Malhi is not exactly tell the truth, he's using revisionist history or he didn't do his homework before he attended that rally.  Gurbax, should maybe  go back and take a look at that video.
It might trigger his memory. That facts in that video speak for them selves   It clearly shows him lending his support to the group.   In any case he's wrong in his response to Era's column.

 Ezra Levant-1,  Lib MP Gurbax Malhi-0!   Thanks to Brian Lilley and Sun Media for bring this to light!


  1. Great minds think alike Frmgrl!

  2. a lieberal fibbing - who knew !

  3. Great minds think alike Frmgrl!

    That's what they say, Hinchey!lol Power in numbers! The lies and hypocrisy of the Liberals and their supporters(MSM) needs to get out there. The more who expose all the lies and hypocrisy the more who will be enlightened. In the end, it's good for the country.

  4. For crying out loud, those Tamil Tiger flags are flapping right in his face. At the eight second and twenty-eight second marks he even looks RIGHT at it. The guy on his left that was holding the little Tamil Tigers flag even gives him a flyer and Malhi is nodding his head. And the chant about the "freedom fighers of the Tamil Tigers". But he had no idea, right? Come ON!!!!!!

  5. This is the same man who stood in the house of commons to berate the Conservatives for 'pandering to ethnic voters'!

    This man is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  6. It takes a special heluva nerve for a Sikh to stand there and yap about Human Rights and justice when his people Slaughtered 240 Canadian civilains for a cause back home in his place of origin.
    I expect the summer of 2011 will be endless shut-downs of the Gardner as Tamils once again make a tacit declaration of War by-proxy against canada on our soil to occupy land and use babies and females as human shields. They will pit at and assault the Police as done under Miller's limp-wristed reign to not offend Terrorist supporters.
    Is it any wonder that David Miller and Olivia Chow crusaded for non-Citizens or tourists to be able to vote in Municipal Elections for the Mayor seat. Thousands of smuggled Tamil-Terrorists or Pro-Hamas thugs could actually fform a voter-pool alliance with CUPE to Elect a fascist leader and make Toronto a Middle east hell-hole and no longer need the Police or Courts under Shariah law and Tamil suicide bombers inflicting Psychological terrorism to obey the mayor or get beheaded in public at the Roger's Centre (Tiger Victory Dome Of death) .
    Amazing how the opressed can quickly become the oppressors.

  7. You have your facts wrong regarding the Tamil flags in that video. Those are Talim national flags as adopted in 1990, not Tamil Tigers flags. The Tamil Tigers flag includes black writing surrounding the tiger's head and reads "Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam" at the bottom.

    Note that the decision to create two separate flags--one for the LTTE and one for the Tamil nation--was made in 1990 long before the LTTE was designated as a terrorist organization by Canada, the United States or other Western governments.

  8. Nah he doesn't support them, he probably is one of them. (real conservative)


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