Thursday, August 12, 2010

Majority of Canadians Against Affirmative Action

It seems like the Libs and Dippers are on the wrong side of  public opinion on affirmative action.  A Leger poll that came out today states that a majority of Canadians are against hiring quotas.    When the government announced a few weeks ago they would be reviewing hiring practices in the civil service, the Libs and Dippers were bellyaching.

All this came about when fellow blogger, Sara Landriault  tried to apply online for a job in the Dept. of Immigration and was blocked because she was white. 

It looks like the public is behind Sara.   We wouldn't have been made aware of this if she hadn't brought it to our attention. I would like to thank her for that. Canadians agree that a job candidate should be hired on merit not race or gender.
OTTAWA - A healthy majority of Canadians say a person's race, gender or ethnic background shouldn't give anyone an inside track on a government job, a new poll provided exclusively to QMI Agency concludes.
Leger Marketing finds 59% of those surveyed in an online poll earlier this month say that only the "absolute best candidate" should be hired for any public service job, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.
Leger also found 20% thought targeted hiring was fine so long as the successful candidate meets all the job requirements.
"That tells me that 75% of Canadians think, that what we should do, is the best person should be put into that position regardless of other issues," said David Scholz, Leger Marketing's vice-president.
  The government's review process though needs to be done as quickly as possible though so action can be  taken to change this travesty.  The coalition of the losers need to get with the program, seems like their out of step again with the public.


  1. It's going to take more than a government review to bring back Martin Luther King's dream and dismantle affirmative action. Playing the racist card is big business. Look at the big payouts to aboriginals and non-white minorities and their minions.

  2. Riots and protests by supposedly average citizens (not true as big money funded them), led to affirmative action so riots and protests against will end it. (real conservative)

  3. Riots and protests by supposedly average citizens (not true as big money funded them), led to affirmative action so riots and protests against will end it. (real conservative)

    I think before we resort to riots, we should put the pressure on our politicians by petitions,email,snail mail,phone calls,visits to their offices. We should never resort to violence.

  4. "Majority of Canadians Against Affirmative Action"

    Since when does it matter what a majority of Canadians want?

    The ruling elite; (lawyers, judges, journalists, arts types, professional activsts, and career politicians) want it.

    So it really doesn't matter what the majority of Canadians want.

  5. "so riots and protests against will end it. (real conservative)"

    I'll never admit to being in favour of rioting but if I were in a position to STOP some people from rioting against this I wouldn't lift a finger. In other words I wouldn't burn down the lawyer's office but I wouldn't call the cops on guy who did it either.


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