Friday, August 13, 2010

Other Provinces Consider Rolling the Dice

Alberta and Saskatchewan are considering online gaming after BC and Ontario recently started their online gambling sites.  BC had to immediately shut down theirs do to technical problems.

Online gambling would surely be a cash cow for cash strapped provinces but what about people who have gambling problems?  Gambling addiction has ruined careers, families, and lives.  Are our provincial governments so money hungry they are willing for gamblers risk all that is really important in life?   Then you and I have to pay to look after those addicts.

Yeah, yeah it will be controlled yada, yada, yada  but it just  doesn't sit well with  me. How about you?


  1. I remember the outrage about VLT's in bars. I guess that was all for nought.

    The other offshore gaming sites are not going away so any pretensions about bringing "control" is nonsense. If I am blacklisted because I have been too irresponsible then you know full well I'll gamble elsewhere.

    A cashcow? Perhaps but what about the other $20B shortfall (Ontario)?

    Taxing prostitution?
    Bull fights?
    Hard drugs?
    Yard sales?
    Fraudulant (or alternative) medical procedures?

    Some of these activities are seeing money by Canadians being spent out of the country others are being done in Canada but are not taxed.

  2. I remember all the brouh ha ha over the VLTs. I know Ralph Klein had a to take some out of some establishments because of the uproar over them.


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