Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Must Take Our Country Back

We have a real conundrum on our hands with the "so called Tamil migrant  refugees" docking on our shores.  First of all they are no migrants they are que-jumpers with possible ties to the terrorist group, the Tamil Tigers, LTTE. 
First of all, let's drop the "migrant" bunkum. It's meaningless left-wing political claptrap.
Call the 490 Tamil "migrants," now being processed in British Columbia because of our over-accommodating and therefore outdated refugee policies, something more reflective of what they truly are.
Like queue-jumpers, scam artists, back-door home invaders, plus a terrorist or two.
It's clearly obvious they are trying to take advantage of us because we are suckers.  We are really soft on immigration and asylum seekers.
Many Canadians would have preferred that we intercept their ship and send them back from whence they came but according to some we can't because of international law.  OK, but then we have a certain supreme court ruling that has said we must give migrants like these charter rights but according to Ezra Levant, that rule does not hold water. 
A tie vote at the Supreme Court 25 years ago doomed us to accept the ship of 490 Tamils that arrived in Victoria last week.
In a 1985 case called Singh v. Minister of Employment and Immigration, the court ruled that our Charter of Rights applied to foreigners, not just Canadian citizens.
Foreigners overseas could now use the Charter to enforce their “rights” against our country.
The six judges hearing that case were split on the subject, three against three. But a tie is broken by the Chief Justice. So one, unelected man changed Canada’s immigration system, granting foreigners the right to sue their way into our country, from wherever they might be in the world.
Some suggest that the PM  should use the not withstanding clause within the Charter in this case.  Maybe, but something has to be done in any case.  This cannot go on.  I think the PM should recall parliament immediately to get this headache dealt with. Introduce a bill that would prevent this from happening again. Make it a confidence measure and if need be take it to the people and let us decide.  This would be an issue to take into an election. Our country is at stake. We must not allow those who are not citizens to dictate to us.  
I am so sick and tired of being taken advantage of and scammed.  We must be careful who we allow into our house. We cannot be the dumping ground of the world. We must bombard our MPs,Senators the PM, the Minister of Immigration,  the Minister of Public Safety and the opposition leaders to let them know of our displeasure and demand something be done like yesterday.  Something with teeth that would not allow this kind of thing to happen again.

BTW. Forgive me for not posting the last couple days, I injured my right hand. The lid of the BBQ suddenly came slamming down on my hand the other day while I was checking on the fish that my husband had started BBQing.  It was swollen a bit and sore for awhile but it's better now nothing broken, just bruised a bit and a little tender.  I mustn't have lifted the lid the way I guess.


  1. I don't have an issue with the word 'migrant' even though I thoroughly agree with the thrust of the argument. A migrant is no more noble a term than invader, que jumper or usurper in my mind. But in the rarefied world of a lefty it has somehow loftier connotations and thus some kind of legitimacy by mere association. What a joke. (real conservative)

  2. Migrant: "one that migrates"

    Migrate: "to move from one country, place, or locality to another"


  3. There are thousands of family relatives waiting in line to immigrate to Canada who just got pushed back 500 spaces. A class action on behalf of Canadian citizens who have relatives in line might have traction.

  4. In order to be a migrant, you must expect a welcome in the place you are going to. Of course refugees know that in Canada they will always be welcomed by our governments working for the elites. But the public, that is another matter indeed. (real conservative)


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