Tuesday, December 14, 2010

CBC Staff Earn More Than You!

So you are working hard earning less than those at the public broadcaster and yet you have to pay them more than you're making yourself. How much sense does that make? Brian Lilley has found out through Access to Information that CBC staff make 39% more than the average Canadian with our money.  We still don't know though how much we're paying elitist anchor big wig, Peter Mansbridge. I will bet it's more than enough to pay for his  elitist lifestyle.
Full-time employees at CBC earned an average of $55,712 in 2007, compared to an annual income of $40,092 for employed Canadians – meaning CBC employees were paid 39% more than the average Canadian.
I don't know how far Conservative MP Paul Calandra will get when he requests a study into CBC's reaction to access to information at the ethics committee.  My bet is the opposition parties will probably shoot it down. For some reason they don't want the CBC to be held accountable even though taxpayers throw over a billion dollars every year into that useless state network that hardly anyone watches or listens to.
On Tuesday, Conservative MP Paul Calandra will ask members of the Commons access to information, ethics and privacy committee to support his call for a study of CBC’s reaction to access to information.
 While CBC recently took out ads to trumpet openness there have been ongoing battles over access, including CBC fighting the information commissioner in court to keep some information secret.
Shame on the CBC! How hypocritical of them fighting from being held to account but at the same time they're always howling at how the government is not being accountable the way  they, the sanctimonious public broadacaster  would like!
Time to shut it down, sell the hard assets such as infrastructure,equipment etc. Peter Mansbridge and others can go look for a real job. There is no need for a public broadcaster anymore. CBC is a waste of taxpayer funds and I'm sure we can find more a worthwhile use for those hard earned tax dollars. Say, put those funds towards paying down the debt and deficit for instance.


  1. I agree the CBC is one incredible waste of space but I think we still need a national public broadcaster. The problem is the CBC has no idea who the public are. It's time to stop, shut this version down and start again.

  2. Its funny how capitalistic or money hungry as CBC puts it a socialist or communist can be when it comes to the money going into their own pockets. CBC should have had a big for sale sign on it YESTERDAY if not sooner!

  3. Every one of them should be fired. We paid their salaries to do the job they were hired to do instead, they form a clique' of corruption that smells.

    Here is the thing, the NDP and the Bloc know how deep the CBC is in, so instead of saying anything against or exposing CBC, they use the CBC and their lousey reporters to inhance the NDP BLOC and Liberals coalition .

    If by any chance that Evans or Peter or any other media reporters kook in that place dare expose the intentions behind the coalition party, these reporters and CBC company will go down in full speed.

  4. I want to know if CBC is getting funding from soros and avaaz. Why I ask, is because CBC is too 'kissy kiss' with these people and Assange.

  5. I want to know if CBC is getting funding from soros and avaaz.

    Me too! I wouldn't be shocked if we found out if "spooky dude" does contribute to our state broadcaster.

  6. Everyone knows the CBC is a corrupt organization thats there to promote and protect the "Liberals", NDP, and the Separatists, and to attack anyone or anything that gets in the way of those party's agenda. What is it that these parasites at the CBC don't understand about being a Crown Corporation and therefore accountable to the public ? If the CBC wasn't corrupt to the core and it didn't have anything to hide than they would simply comply with the rules. Why is the CBC so terrified of the rules of accountability? Because they have something to hide.

  7. The CBC are close allies to the Liberal Party so this motion won't go far, but think of the fun we could have with a majority? (real conservative)


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