Thursday, December 9, 2010

My, The Liberals Are Childish!

If anyone one missed it, our PM, the Right Honorable Stephen Harper brought down the house last night at the annual CPC Christmas party not with a barn burner of a speech but a mini rock concert.   A good time was had by all. The PM seem like he was in his element.
  He's entitled to let his hair down once in a while  and loosen up have fun but this morning Liberals couldn't leave partisanship alone. They're upset he didn't sing anything in French as Jane Taber reports. Unbelievable!
1. Cranky Liberals. Upstaged yet again by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who took to the stage Wednesday night at the Conservative caucus Christmas party, the Liberals were up early grumpily emailing reaction.
“Not even one song in French,” a senior Ignatieff official told The Globe and Mail on Thursday morning. “One week after Quebec’s artistic elite (over 100 songwriters and singers) came to Parliament Hill on C-32. It shows that he is clueless about Quebec culture.”
Common on, are the Liberals so childish and petty that they would turn this into a partisan issue?  I mean like I said our PM works hard  he even have an without the Libs picking fault.  It shows they're jealous and  proves how bitter and angry the Liberals are.  It's Christmas time they could at least set partisanship aside show some Christmas spirit and give the man some credit but no.  And they call Conservatives mean spirited, well what do you call that?  It sure looks like they are the ones that are mean spirited.

It like Jane says at the end of the segment:
So can we expect Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff to belt out a French tune or two at the upcoming Liberal Christmas bash?
 Liberals should lighten up.
If anyone one missed it you can access the whole concert at Eye on the Hill blog.  Thanks to David Akin for posting it!


  1. The Liberal leader who frequents high schools for open mike meetings, can sing in Klingon upside down in water and it won't change the fact: he is out of touch and boring according to the pollsters. 60% of Liberals want him replace.

    Canadians gave him a honeymoon and he blew up with empty rhetoric in May 2009 with four ultimatums and a Time Up threat in the Fall.

    Iggy is not credible and the Liberals are stuck with him and hope he does not do worse than Dion with 26% when our PM pulls the plug.

  2. Mr harper is not a Frenchman why the heck would he sing in French at a private Christmas party?

  3. Mr harper is not a Frenchman why the heck would he sing in French at a private Christmas party?

    Exactly,why would he? Heck Celine Dion doesn't even sing in French when she does her concerts.

  4. The PM didn't sing in French? Who cares! Why the hell would he sing in French anyhow? Pathetic! I guess this is what "Liberals" mean when they talked about initiating a "culture war".

  5. See this is why I call Iggy an a$$h@le! Sorry farmgirl. He is one and the Liberals have taken a turn for the worst under his so-called leadership. They are cynical and mean spirited. At least Dion wasn't like that, he was politically inept and weird, well like Quebecers can be at times, but he wasn't an a$$h@le. (real conservative)

  6. Not one song in French?! At least the Lib "advisors" were listening to them. Too funny.

    Did he do a slow song? Otherwise the guys will be mad at him as well. The outrages will never end.

  7. He's kidding right?
    Does he not even realize what he just said?
    He's upset because Harper didn't pander to (in Iggy's words) the "artistic elite".
    1 - He's aligning himself with the "elite" again.
    2 - He's of the opinion that the PM should be pandering to them.
    3 - He's even gone so far as to suggest a Christams party is to be used for partisan gain.

    Methinks the comments reflect more about Iggy (and reinforce the elitist label) than it does about a so-called insult.

  8. Methinks the comments reflect more about Iggy (and reinforce the elitist label) than it does about a so-called insult.

    Good point,I agree. It does say a lot about the appointed one especially if he doesn't do anything about what's coming out of the OLO.

  9. I find to many of PM Harpers policies to far to the left for my liking but there are some areas where he excels above and beyond. The first is his stance re Israel and second his willingness to do something like this.

    I find it almost beyond belief that the other parties members and leaders have such a problem with it.

    On second thought maybe I should have expected it from them. After all they are the ones trying to take "Christmas" away from us and give us happy holidays instead.


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