Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Conservatives Lead on Issues

Will we or won't we be going to the polls in 2011?  The rhetoric has been ramped up again in recent days amongst  the pundits with MIA(Michael Ignatieff) bellowing, threatening to bring the government down in the New Year  then only days later he tones  down that rhetoric a bit.    Have we not seen this movie before? Anyway, even if we do end up going into an election in the near future, Conservatives not only have the edge in  voter preference but also lead  on the issues as well.   They look that they're more tuned into what the public is most concerned about than the opposition is.
Heading into the new year, Canadians have pegged the economy, health care and the environment as the three priorities they'd like to see politicians give the greatest attention to, the results showed.
"When you're going into an election, you're planning your strategy," said Darrell Bricker, a spokesman with Ipsos Reid, which conducted the poll exclusively for Postmedia News and Global Television. "So you have to find a salient issue, something that people really care about, and somewhere where you can daw a partisan difference between yourself and your opponents."
The Tories definitely have a leg up, Bricker said, with 29 per cent of Canadians polled saying they'd like to see the country's leaders focus on the economy.
"It just shows the strength of the Tory positioning because they're seen as the best on the biggest issue," he said. "The Liberals haven't found an issue, but the Tories have a 20 to 25 per cent advantage on just about every economic question you want to ask."
 So Bricker states that the Liberals haven't found an issue,well that  says a lot about the all the tours the leader has been on in the last year like the Magical Bus tour then the Open Mike tour.  It says Liberals have not really listened to what is important to Canadians, that they're out of touch and the public is not buying what the Liberals are selling. That bodes well for the CPC going forward.


  1. Agreed! Same old, same old coming from the Libs.
    You can't win a rock climbing tournament when you have racing slicks on your vehicle.
    What are they thinking? - obviously NOTHING.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained - Period!
    Looks good on them.

    E Mac/

  2. E. Mac, why do you think the media doesn't utter the name conservatives when conservatives do an excellent job. The answer is very simple:
    The least/less you know of the conservatives accomplishments the easiest it is for the liberals to use them (conservatives accomplishments) for themselves as their very own policy.
    for example: the prime minister went to S. Korea and spoke in their assembly for the first time in canadian history.
    How many times have you heard the media mentioning this maybe once and thats it. which means my friend, when the liberals ever return to govern this country they will go to S.Korean speak at the assembly and presto the media echoes this as the first ever for a liberal to speak in assembly in canadian history-highlighted this piece of news daily until it sinks in.


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